Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31 (Saturday)

January 31 (Saturday) - 6 miles on the mill in the early afternoon in between errands.  Then I went back tonight at 6pm to run another 6 before going grocery shopping but when I got there and went in to change, I realized I had no shorts with me in my gym bag.  I thought I had thrown a pair in there and I had everything but...   So needless to say I was pretty bummed but maybe it was a sign.  This week will be a little short anyways due to the weather (mill was closed on Tues afternoon) and a short/easy day on Monday and this miss tonight with me forgetting my shorts.  351.2 miles for January is going to end up being the official total.  Not a bad month at all.  That is more miles than I had in any month last year.  I even missed a day this month too so it could have been a lot better but it certainly could have been a lot worse. I was pretty good about staying on top of runs so far.  I hope I can keep that up.

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