Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30 (Friday)

January 30 (Friday) - 6 miles at lunch on the mill very easy.  Then 6 miles again on the mill very easy after work and after shoveling all the new snow we got today.  12 miles total on the day, very easy.  I'm a little miffed (mostly at myself) that the Beaver Brook snowshoe race is Sunday and not tomorrow.  I had originally seen the schedule when it was announced and it was for Saturday.  I created my own race calendar and training calendar and that's what I've been going off of.  Somewhere in the last month or so, the date changed to Sunday instead and somehow I managed to miss any announcements on Facebook, etc.  A couple other people I talked to today also thought it was tomorrow.  I didn't see that until today when I was looking at the site to see when the race time was.  Good thing I looked instead of just driving down 2+ hours to Hollis only to find I was a day early.  This kind of sucks too because I had planned on tomorrow and had alternative plans for running schedule this week kind of revolved around doing the race on Saturday.  Not sure now if I'm going to go down on Sunday now.  At least tomorrow now I can get some non-running things done.

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