Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27 (Tuesday)

January 27 (Tuesday) - The blizzard of 2015 which dumped about a foot of snow in Madison was in full swing.  I decided to take a chance and blast my way out of the unplowed driveway and drive up and over to the Mill to get in a treadmill run at lunch.  I walked in at about 12:05 and the lady at the front laughed and told me she was just about to pack up and go home because she had been there since 6am when the place opens and I was the first person to walk in in 6 hours.  She had already called the second shift person and told them not to come in and that they were closing.  So I wouldn't be able to come back for a second run.  She did stay an extra hour so I could get in my lunch run of 8 miles on the mill before she closed up. I was lucky I showed up when I did.  Didn't get a second run in though.  This week is starting off rather light on the running front.

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