Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23 (Friday)

January 23 (Friday) - 6 miles at lunch and then 6 miles after work slightly quicker.  That's about it.  12 miles on the day and I'm feeling a little tired for some reason.  It COULD have to do with me giving up caffeine (haven't had it this week).  I think I need to just get used to it.   I would have gone longer on my 2nd run as I didn't feel too too bad but I got the shitty treadmill furthest from the window because the other one was occupied, so I was sweating balls.  It doesn't get any airflow from the fan either.  The funny thing is that it's the brand new's just in a bad spot.  I could have switched over to the other one after about 3 miles when the other person got off, but I didn't feel like interrupting my run and I just wanted to get the eff out of there.  Someone had put on a country music station on the television and that's what I was rockin' out too...It wasn't even like classic (tolerable) was new sh*tty country.  I couldn't get my workout done fast enough.

On another completely different note, we finally took our Christmas tree down this week.  Tabby was devastated.  So much so that we had to go out and buy Valentines Day lights to put all over the house where the Christmas lights once were.  So now we have a bunch of red and white heart lights all over the place.  We have a happy kid though now so it's worth it.

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