Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15 (Thursday)

January 15 (Thursday) - 6 miles outside at lunch (E.Madison roads).  Did the hilly small loop up E.Madison Rd/Maple Grove/Pound Rd. and came back down Mooney Hill.  Felt really tired on this run.  Then after work I almost bagged the second run (or at least I thought about it briefly) but I finally dragged myself down to the Mill late, for an easy hour.  Another 8 miles on the treadmill easy.  14 miles total on the day but felt very tired on both runs really.  Halfway through the treadmill run I was zoning out and just wanted to shut my eyes...

On a more positive note, I got the email from Mt. Washington today about the lottery bypass and I registered right away.  It is my first race registration for 2015 :).  I got the bypass either because of my Mountain Goat status last year OR the fact that I was on a top 3 scoring team...either way, I got early entry again this year so it's good not having to worry about the lottery.  IF you really want to ensure you get into the race, the easiest thing to do is go run and finish all the USATF-NE mountain series races this year.  In fact, it's really I believe only 6 of the 8 you need to do to get 'Mountain Goat' status.  That ensures you bypass to Mt. Washington the following year.  Pretty good deal if you don't want to take your chances in the lottery.

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