Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13 (Tuesday)

January 13 (Tuesday) - Lunchtime workout on the mill.  Warmed up 4 miles and then did 6 x 800 at 5 min pace (so 2:30).  In between I immediately dropped the pace down for 1:30 in between each (to a normal jog/run pace).  10-15 seconds before each 800 I juiced the pace back up to 12mph so the 2:30s were all accurate and the 1:30s weren't all completely slow.  22:30 for just over 4 miles (4.1x miles).  Then cooled down 2 miles easy.  10.1 miles total of work. All by myself the whole time, which was nice.  The treadmill I use only goes 12mph max.  So 5 min pace intervals are about what the story is going to be.  Apparently the other treadmill (the newer one they got) goes a little quicker.  I may think about using that later on in the winter as I get used to quicker stuff on the mill (IF I get used to it)...but 5 minute pace on the treadmill feels like a quicker pace outside for sure, so I'm not sure how much quicker I really need to make these.  Also the pounding will get to me if I do too much of that, so I may stick to the 5 min pace type work for the shorter stuff for the time being...at least until all the snow clears off the track (by mid-June).

After work I was going to go back to the mill for an easy 5 or 6 but didn't feel like running on the treadmill again so I just went 2 miles on snowshoes up to the Cascades (which feels like 5 miles normally).  I now remember why I am not a fan of running in the snow any longer for training...

12.1 miles for the day which is a decent average to keep shooting for.  Cough is dwindling and not really an issue while running any longer thank God.

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