Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31 (Saturday)

January 31 (Saturday) - 6 miles on the mill in the early afternoon in between errands.  Then I went back tonight at 6pm to run another 6 before going grocery shopping but when I got there and went in to change, I realized I had no shorts with me in my gym bag.  I thought I had thrown a pair in there and I had everything but...   So needless to say I was pretty bummed but maybe it was a sign.  This week will be a little short anyways due to the weather (mill was closed on Tues afternoon) and a short/easy day on Monday and this miss tonight with me forgetting my shorts.  351.2 miles for January is going to end up being the official total.  Not a bad month at all.  That is more miles than I had in any month last year.  I even missed a day this month too so it could have been a lot better but it certainly could have been a lot worse. I was pretty good about staying on top of runs so far.  I hope I can keep that up.

Friday, January 30, 2015

January 30 (Friday)

January 30 (Friday) - 6 miles at lunch on the mill very easy.  Then 6 miles again on the mill very easy after work and after shoveling all the new snow we got today.  12 miles total on the day, very easy.  I'm a little miffed (mostly at myself) that the Beaver Brook snowshoe race is Sunday and not tomorrow.  I had originally seen the schedule when it was announced and it was for Saturday.  I created my own race calendar and training calendar and that's what I've been going off of.  Somewhere in the last month or so, the date changed to Sunday instead and somehow I managed to miss any announcements on Facebook, etc.  A couple other people I talked to today also thought it was tomorrow.  I didn't see that until today when I was looking at the site to see when the race time was.  Good thing I looked instead of just driving down 2+ hours to Hollis only to find I was a day early.  This kind of sucks too because I had planned on tomorrow and had alternative plans for running schedule this week kind of revolved around doing the race on Saturday.  Not sure now if I'm going to go down on Sunday now.  At least tomorrow now I can get some non-running things done.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29 (Thursday)

January 29 (Thursday) - am: 8 miles easy on the mill.   pm: 8 miles easy on the mill.  16 miles on the day.  Buildin' hurtin' bombs...

Quote of the day:

  I never did any stretching. 15 minutes of stretching every day is 2 miles I didn't run. That's 730 miles a year. - Bob Wiles.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28 (Wednesday)

January 28 (Wednesday) - After the smoke cleared from the storm and I cleared my driveway, I hit the mill for a double.  9.5 miles at lunch in 60 minutes.  Slightly uptempo and faster than I like to go on the mill, but I felt like doing something a little harder than usual. I was originally going to do a workout but passed, as the legs were still sore and I didn't want to further hurt anything.  So I used common sense for a change (there's very little of that out there in the running community) and backed off and just did some mileage today.    Came back a little later on after work, had the place to myself, and did another 8.5 miles in 60 minutes.   18 miles for the day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27 (Tuesday)

January 27 (Tuesday) - The blizzard of 2015 which dumped about a foot of snow in Madison was in full swing.  I decided to take a chance and blast my way out of the unplowed driveway and drive up and over to the Mill to get in a treadmill run at lunch.  I walked in at about 12:05 and the lady at the front laughed and told me she was just about to pack up and go home because she had been there since 6am when the place opens and I was the first person to walk in in 6 hours.  She had already called the second shift person and told them not to come in and that they were closing.  So I wouldn't be able to come back for a second run.  She did stay an extra hour so I could get in my lunch run of 8 miles on the mill before she closed up. I was lucky I showed up when I did.  Didn't get a second run in though.  This week is starting off rather light on the running front.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26 (Monday)

January 26 (Monday) - Legs were pretty sore most of the day.  Passed on the lunch run and decided to take a rest day but still got out late in the evening for a spin around the backstreets of Conway Village with KT.  Slow on icy roads w/ headlamps from the middle school.  4 miles.  That's all I got.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

January 25 (Sunday) - Boston Prep 16 Miler

January 25 (Sunday) - Boston Prep 16 Miler

Sidehiller was canceled so I decided to head down to Derry for the 20th annual Boston Prep 16 Miler (results).  With not doing any hills any time recently, I figured this would be the good kick in the backside that I needed.  I have run this race twice before (2009 and 2011). I finished 5th and 3rd respectively.  It is always super cold at this race.  Sometimes it can be a little treacherous as well with some snow and ice present on the road.  This year, the temps were looking great (high 20s / near 30 degrees) but they got a storm that moved through on Saturday and the roads were looking questionable.  Probably not as questionable as they were in 2001 however (to the left is DD slugging it out to a win in 1:39:47).

I warmed up for a couple miles on my own over the first part of the course and up a side road to check out what the secondary roads looked like.  The main road was looking pretty wet and sloppy but the other roads didn't even look plowed.  I quickly changed and decided to go with trail shoes for better traction, half-tights and no winter hat, as I was really hot on the warmup.  I headed back down to the line for an additional mile of jogging and strides before the race went off.

My main game plan was simply to try and get through the race without a calf issue (calf has been a little sore the last few days) and maybe try to get top 3 again.  I had my work cut out for me though because Ryan Aschbrenner (GBTC) was there along with last year's winner Sam Fazioli (WRT) and his teammate Eric Williams (WRT).  Also there was Levelrenner's pick for a possible 'W', Tim Catoggio (RUN).  Contrary to the Level article, Tim is not a CMS guy...I wish he was though.  Something in the back of my mind though, before the race, kept telling me that I could maybe win it if all the junk miles I've been doing over the past couple months started to pay off... I only knew a few splits from 2011.  The first mile was one of them.  My plan was to go out in roughly the same type of time and see what was happening around me.

The start - Photo by Dan Curry
The start - Photo by Dan Curry

As the command was given, about 350 brave souls headed up the snowy roads in the first mile of the course that is advertised as only 'moderately challenging'.  I was in the lead immediately.  I knew the other few guys I figured would be near the top were right behind, but I just focused on running my race and the time I thought I was capable of running in the first mile and then see what happens.  The first mile is entirely uphill. I came through in 5:55, which was only 2 seconds off what I went through the first mile in in 2011.  I felt fine and I knew that I may be able to continue at that effort but I was also starting to realize that there was no one close. Everyone had gone out conservatively.  I think I may have had a 10 second lead or so at the mile at that point.  I peeked back a few times and was surprised at the distance I had.  I continued to chug along, picking my spots on some of the sections of road where only a narrow path from a tire was exposing the pavement.  The main roads were pretty good (wet and slushy but good) considering.  The secondary roads were more of a challenge.  You had to weave here and there to get some exposed pavement in some areas.  I went with trail shoes as I figured that the extra lugs may be good if the conditions really got bad on some of the hills or side roads.
The start - Photo by Dan Curry

By 2 miles I think my lead was even a little bigger.  My second mile was 5:35.  Only 1 second behind where I was in 2011 (5:34).  Of course I didn't know this at the time, but felt smooth and knew that I had some work to do before the hill just before 5 miles.  My 3rd mile was 10 seconds back of my third mile in 2011. I ran a 5:15 then, but that neighborhood we had to run through for miles 3 and 4 was way sloppier this year than any year I had run previous.  My fourth mile was actually about 6 seconds faster than 2011. I can only attribute that to running scared. I have never been in the lead in this race so I was in a new situation at this point in the race.  I was looking back a bit and continued to see my lead grow.  After about 4 miles I could no longer see anyone behind me, even on the big stretches.

The 5th mile is a bruiser with a pretty steep little climb up Kilrea Rd.  I was again, about 6 seconds quicker up that mile surprisingly, than I was back in 2011.  Now while running, I wasn't aware of all these splits but did remember my 10th mile split from back the last time I ran.  That was my next goal.  I came through 5 in 28+ and quickly started trying to figure out how I could get to 10 miles in 56:53 (2011's split).  It was going to be tight.

Mile split 6 was a bit slower but 7 and 8 were right on what I ran last time.  At this point in the race, I started to wonder whether or not I would hold the lead.  By 8 miles I felt better about things, but not entirely sure that I wouldn't get mowed down on the hills. I was also running into a headwind that was hitting me during some slight inclines and really making me think that I was starting to slow.  Miles 10-12 or so are the killers.  I envisioned myself getting smoked up those climbs so I continued to push and at least make people work to try to catch up.  

I was quicker up Drew Hill (mile 10) than last time by a decent amount. I actually felt OK but of course that hill is pretty short. It's the steepest climb on the whole course though.  That road was a little messy on the way down to the 10 mile split and I was weaving back and forth trying to pick a clear line.  I came through 10 in 57:01 and knew I was about 8 seconds back of where I was in 2011 so I was pretty happy and also amazed because 2011 ended up being one of my better years.  From that point on though, it was looking ahead at the next big test, which was the hills from 10.5 or so, up to past 12 miles.

10 Mile Mark - Photo by Dan Curry

10 Mile Mark - Photo by Dan Curry

10 Mile Mark - Photo by Dan Curry

10 Mile Mark - Photo by Dan Curry

At the base of the climb, I turned back up the road and didn't see anyone.  A friend of mine drove by and yelled that I had a huge lead, but I didn't really know how far.  I just looked ahead and tried not to die on the climb.  I knew that I ran 6-something for the next few miles back in 2011. I believe even Pat Moulton was around 6s or so on those miles and he was way ahead at that point.  I just put my head down and slogged up.  I ran 6:22/6:30 for the next 2 miles all uphill.  I was significantly slower for those 2 miles than I was last time (by the tune of about 29 seconds total). But when I came up and over the last of the hills (I know the course very well), I looked back again and couldn't see anyone. I had a huge mental boost at that point because I knew the real test was over.  Now it was all downhill and flat to the finish.

Photo by Dan Curry

Miles 13 and 14 always have ridiculous wind. Usually it's slamming you right in the face.  This year it was no different.  I ran really slow (over 6s) on these two miles last time...this year I was just under on both of the miles, but the wind was still really bad.  Right after the half-marathon split, my left calf started to feel like I was getting stabbed. This was what I was really afraid of.  I stiff-legged it a bit on the next few miles to the finish.  My 15th mile was a staggering 45 seconds SLOWER this year than in 2011. In reading my blog post from back then, I see that there was a tail wind during that mile. I remember hammering that mile and then rigging over the last mile to the finish.  This year, as I took that last turn onto the last mile, I peeked back again and couldn't see anyone and got assurance from volunteers that no one was back there, so I just focused on trying to hold the lead and not cramp up.  I was able to put together a decent last mile split of 5:34 (far faster than 2011) while occasionally stiff-legging my left side.  It really wasn't until 15 that I really believed at that point that I could win the race.  But I also still had that slight fear that my calf would go and I'd have to stop...anything was possible.

The finish - Photo by Dan Curry
Once I got on that last street we started on, I was confident that even if I had to hop/jog/walk the rest, I may be able to squeak it out.  I came up through the finish in 1:33:25, which was only 39 seconds back of what I did in 2011 but still over 2 minutes faster than I ran here in 2009 (when I was young(er)).  It was also obviously my first win here ever, so I was definitely pleased.  If anything, it was a great mental boost.  To still be able to run w/ some of the young guys was definitely a positive.  Eric Williams (50 years young) was 4th and not too far back, so there is always hope right? :).  Sam Fazioli (last year's winner) wasn't too far behind me...only about 1:20 or so.  I was actually very surprised at how quickly he came through the finish after I finished, based on the fact that I was looking back and couldn't see anyone for the longest time.  Tim was 3rd and right behind him in a pretty tight finish for this race.  I have no doubt that from probably 12 miles on, those guys all reeled me in like there was no tomorrow.  My aggressive early pace was the only reason I hung the gamble paid off.

Top 5 - Photo by Dan Curry
For the win I got a nice fleece top and a big bottle of maple syrup that Leslie O'Dell's young son promptly smashed on the floor in the cafeteria as we were eating during the awards ceremony.  Good times.

All photos courtesy of Dan Curry.

Strava Data:

Some love on WMUR

Warming up - Photo by Dan Curry

 Warming up - Photo by Dan Curry

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24 (Saturday)

January 24 (Saturday) - 7 miles very easy on the treadmill with a Boston Prep attempt on Sunday seeing Sidehiller is canceled because of too much ice.  Just jogged essentially and got the heck out of there...mid-day run.

Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23 (Friday)

January 23 (Friday) - 6 miles at lunch and then 6 miles after work slightly quicker.  That's about it.  12 miles on the day and I'm feeling a little tired for some reason.  It COULD have to do with me giving up caffeine (haven't had it this week).  I think I need to just get used to it.   I would have gone longer on my 2nd run as I didn't feel too too bad but I got the shitty treadmill furthest from the window because the other one was occupied, so I was sweating balls.  It doesn't get any airflow from the fan either.  The funny thing is that it's the brand new's just in a bad spot.  I could have switched over to the other one after about 3 miles when the other person got off, but I didn't feel like interrupting my run and I just wanted to get the eff out of there.  Someone had put on a country music station on the television and that's what I was rockin' out too...It wasn't even like classic (tolerable) was new sh*tty country.  I couldn't get my workout done fast enough.

On another completely different note, we finally took our Christmas tree down this week.  Tabby was devastated.  So much so that we had to go out and buy Valentines Day lights to put all over the house where the Christmas lights once were.  So now we have a bunch of red and white heart lights all over the place.  We have a happy kid though now so it's worth it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 22 (Thursday)

January 22 (Thursday) - 12 miles on the treadmill in 1:20:40.  Started out easy and rolled up to 6 min pace for a bit and then back down.  Just one run today instead of a lunch and after work run.  That's about it.  Roads are just really icy and treacherous right now...The treadmill has been pretty dry and ice free though so I'll continue to just run there...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21 (Wednesday)

January 21 (Wednesday) - 6 miles on the roads at lunch in Madison and then 6 miles later after work on the mill.  Felt VERY tired today.  Probably from the workout yesterday.  Took it pretty easy.  12 miles total.

USATF-NE Awards Banquet and CMS Accolades

The USATF-New England Awards Banquet for 2014 was held this past weekend down in Stoneham, MA.  I headed down because I won the mountain series this year.  CMS got a couple tables and it was going to be good seeing some of my mates again.  I went to this back in 2011 and 2012 after winning the series then, but didn't go in 2013 as I had no business being anywhere near awards that year.  This year, I was actually on the ballot (along with my teammate Dan Vassallo) also for 'Runner of the Year' because of the mountain series overall win.  I voted for Dan Vassallo for ROTY personally because, well, he had one hell of a year and put much more than just the year's worth of work into training for his Olympic Trials qualifier.

In the end, Dan did in fact win the Runner of the Year, which was well deserved.  What was super awesome was that CMS ended up winning USATF New England 'Club of the Year'.  Even though I didn't contribute too much to the club races this year, it was awesome to be part of it at least a little bit.

Below is a video from Krissy Kozlosky of our acceptance speeches :)

And here is a video I took of Matt Pelletier, Dan Vassallo, and Laura Hagley answering some fun questions from Tom Derderian.   Tom's first question is to Dan and he asks how Dan plans to get everyone else at the Olympic Trials Marathon to 'run off course so he can win'.  An obvious dig to Dan's win in the GP marathon this past November.... hilarity ensues.   It's close to 15 minutes long but it's worth watching...some funny stuff in here.  Matt's health class question probably takes the cake....

Apologies to Laura for not getting her in the frame for most of this...she was hiding behind the column...

Lastly, I ate my ass off.  Buffet-style indulgence... The ride home was exhausting...didn't leave Stoneham until about 10pm and got home about 12:15am or so.  I'm deliberately going to lose the Mountain Series this year so I don't have to go make this drive again and put on the few extra lbs ;)...

Pretty cool to be on the short list of nominations...

The 'spike bag' for winning the Mountain Series.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20 (Tuesday)

January 20 (Tuesday) - No afternoon run as I had too much work around that time to get away for a lunch run.   In the evening I shot over to the mill for a treadmill workout.  3 mile w/ up (8 min pace) then into a 4 mile segment in 22:20 that was 5 x 1000 at 5 minute pace (so 3:06 for each 1000) and about 1:30 of running in between as I juiced the pace down to a slow 7.5 mph for about a minute before turning it back up again to start the next segment.  I had a little less than a minute of running at the beginning to work my way up to 5 min pace and then a few seconds at the end to actually get 4 miles total.  Then 3 mile cooldown (8 min pace) for a total of 10 miles on the mill in 70:20.

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19 (Monday)

January 19 (Monday) - am: 8.6 miles on the mill in 60 min.   Then...guess what?  Another 8.6 miles on the mill after work in ...yep.... 60 min.  But this time at an incredible 1% incline.  17.2 miles for the day.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18 (Sunday) and Weekly Summary

January 18 (Sunday) - 10 miles easy on the mill, watching the Green Bay vs Seattle game.  Nice easy cap to the week.  Was thinking of going long today but after the race yesterday and the conditions outside, I just waited until the end of the day and did an easy 10 to land at 85 for the week.

Wrap Up - Week of January 12-18:

Good solid week with a workout (but on the treadmill which sucks) on Tuesday and a snowshoe race on Saturday.  Didn't really get a long run in but that's ok for right now. I'm not training for anything super long right now anyways.  After Saturday's race, I know I need to get more hill training in eventually but I'm not going to rush into anything just yet.  If I can get outside for some rolling runs, that would be good...however the icy roads make things almost impossible to get anything quality in right now on the roads.

Miles: 85.3
Runs: 12
Longest Run: 12
Climbing: 1663 ft.
Total Time: 10:31

Monday: 12 miles on the treadmill.  1:30:00.
Tuesday: AM: 10.1 miles on the treadmill (workout - 4 mile w/up (32:00) + 4.1 miles workout (6x800 @ 2:30 with 1:30 in between) + 2 mile c/dwn - 16:00). 70:30 total.  PM: 2 miles on snowshoes in trails behind my house (route). Solo. 23:19 (230 ft).
Wednesday: AM: 8 miles on the treadmill. 60:00.  PM: 9 miles on the treadmill. 60:00.
Thursday: AM: 6 miles on Madison roads (route). Solo. 40:27 (686 ft).  PM: 8 miles on the treadmill.  60:00.
Friday: 8 miles on the treadmill.  60:00.
Saturday: 4 miles on North Conway roads and Whitaker course - warmup before snowshoe race (route).  32:20 (192 ft).  Then 3.9 miles snowshoe race (Whitaker Woods)(route).  25:20 (305 ft).  Then 4.2 miles on North Conway roads with Nacho Hernando as a cooldown (route).  34:15 (259 ft).
Sunday: 10 miles on the treadmill (75:00).

Saturday, January 17, 2015

January 17 (Saturday) - Whitaker Woods

January 17 (Saturday) - 4 mile w/up (2 miles on the roads of North Conway Village and then 2 miles on snowshoes before the race (route) ).   Then 3.9 mile snowshoe race - Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Scramble (2nd OA).  Then 4.2 mile cooldown (route) on the roads near Cranmore with Nacho Hernando.   12.1 miles total.

With about 109 or so strong (I believe the largest Whitaker field ever?...results aren't done yet though so I'm not sure) we were off for the approx. 4 mile course on a 0 degree morning.  It was COLD out there (as it seemingly is every year at Whitaker).  My hands were pretty much numb right away.   Nacho Hernando (I feel the need to call out he's like 15 or so years my junior) who was NH runner of the year last year with 30 or so WINS on the calendar year, was off pretty quick and I was right with him  until we hit the first small incline about a quarter mile into the race.  Then he gapped me just a bit and that was basically it.  I could stop the write up at this point and tell you that from that point on, it was basically just more of the same...

After he pulled away just a bit on the small climb, I did manage to almost catch back up before the big long ascent (the largest climb on the course).  But as the climb grew on, Nacho's lead also grew a bit.  I went through the first mile, during the climb, in 6:33.  That was 12 seconds faster than last year, so it was definitely an improvement although I had already lost the race.  Nacho pulled slightly away (a few seconds tops) over the next climb after we dropped down to the hill we run in the Summer Series.  By the power lines, his lead was 25-30 seconds and there it would stay.  
I hit my second mile in 6:56, which is about 6 seconds faster than last year.   I didn't see anyone lurking behind me after a few peeks, but I knew Andy and Sam and Eric were back there for sure.  There was also a couple of dudes that showed up with Nacho (I believe former teammates of his at NHTI).  So anything was possible.  

The third mile was roughly the same as last year as well and I hit that 21 seconds faster but that was probably because the single track was in better shape (I can't really remember last year's section in that single track).  This year it was packed pretty well.  I was basically holding my 30 second deficit here and doing nothing else but trying to occasionally blow feeling back into my hands and fingers.

By the fourth mile, I could still see Nacho up ahead but wasn't gaining or losing at all. He was probably in cruise control as you can see by all the photos Joe took (Photos by Joe Viger).  Nacho is smiling in all of them.  I would be too if I was winning that easily.

In the end, I rolled through in 25:19/25:20.  About 30 seconds (give or take) behind Nacho.  Andy Drummond who is always lurking right there, wasn't that far behind me in 3rd and Sam Wood was a strong 4th place just ahead of Eric Narcisi in 5th.  3 CMS guys in the top 5.  Not too shabby.  

Overall, I am happy with the race.  I wasn't competitive at all, which is hard to take.  I didn't give Nacho any fight at all and ran solo in 2nd the entire race.  But I wasn't worse than last year.  In fact, I was slightly better (6:30 pace overall with those couple climbs and single track sections is pretty good).  At this point in the year, I'll take it.  I have to keep telling myself it's only January.  I've been doing pretty much just mileage (mostly slow on the treadmill with no incline).  Near zero workouts or races in 2 months and more noticeably, ZERO hill running for the most part.  That was very apparent by my awful hill running at Whitaker.  That was the difference maker.  I was running near identical splits to Nacho during the other sections but all the climbing was the real difference here.  That's good though. I know what I need to work on and I have plenty of time before I have to worry about races that climb.  I have a lot of time before Mt. Washington and any of the mountain races I'll do.  The snowshoe racing will be good solid work for me this year. I'm still wondering how many I'll actually do, as I really want to do a few other races this winter, but it was a really fun event this past weekend and I'm glad we had enough snow for it.  A definite positive, but I have work to do.

Strava Data:

Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16 (Friday)

January 16 (Friday) - 8 miles on the mill real easy... Whitaker Woods tomorrow so I didn't want to push things today...just a rest day with one short run.  I have been pretty tired the past 2 days so hopefully I feel ok tomorrow.

Some comic relief was sent to my phone today in the form of a text message from Mr. Bob Wiles...See below for the content... The accompanying message was 'Pimpin ain't easy.' 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15 (Thursday)

January 15 (Thursday) - 6 miles outside at lunch (E.Madison roads).  Did the hilly small loop up E.Madison Rd/Maple Grove/Pound Rd. and came back down Mooney Hill.  Felt really tired on this run.  Then after work I almost bagged the second run (or at least I thought about it briefly) but I finally dragged myself down to the Mill late, for an easy hour.  Another 8 miles on the treadmill easy.  14 miles total on the day but felt very tired on both runs really.  Halfway through the treadmill run I was zoning out and just wanted to shut my eyes...

On a more positive note, I got the email from Mt. Washington today about the lottery bypass and I registered right away.  It is my first race registration for 2015 :).  I got the bypass either because of my Mountain Goat status last year OR the fact that I was on a top 3 scoring team...either way, I got early entry again this year so it's good not having to worry about the lottery.  IF you really want to ensure you get into the race, the easiest thing to do is go run and finish all the USATF-NE mountain series races this year.  In fact, it's really I believe only 6 of the 8 you need to do to get 'Mountain Goat' status.  That ensures you bypass to Mt. Washington the following year.  Pretty good deal if you don't want to take your chances in the lottery.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14 (Wednesday)

January 14 (Wednesday) - 65 days until Spring.  8 miles easy (60 min) on the mill at lunch.  Then after work another 9 miles on the mill in 60 min.   17 miles total.   Buildin' hurtin' bombs...

Words of wisdom for today:  'Races are all 'go' and no 'blow' ' - Bob Wiles.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 13 (Tuesday)

January 13 (Tuesday) - Lunchtime workout on the mill.  Warmed up 4 miles and then did 6 x 800 at 5 min pace (so 2:30).  In between I immediately dropped the pace down for 1:30 in between each (to a normal jog/run pace).  10-15 seconds before each 800 I juiced the pace back up to 12mph so the 2:30s were all accurate and the 1:30s weren't all completely slow.  22:30 for just over 4 miles (4.1x miles).  Then cooled down 2 miles easy.  10.1 miles total of work. All by myself the whole time, which was nice.  The treadmill I use only goes 12mph max.  So 5 min pace intervals are about what the story is going to be.  Apparently the other treadmill (the newer one they got) goes a little quicker.  I may think about using that later on in the winter as I get used to quicker stuff on the mill (IF I get used to it)...but 5 minute pace on the treadmill feels like a quicker pace outside for sure, so I'm not sure how much quicker I really need to make these.  Also the pounding will get to me if I do too much of that, so I may stick to the 5 min pace type work for the shorter stuff for the time least until all the snow clears off the track (by mid-June).

After work I was going to go back to the mill for an easy 5 or 6 but didn't feel like running on the treadmill again so I just went 2 miles on snowshoes up to the Cascades (which feels like 5 miles normally).  I now remember why I am not a fan of running in the snow any longer for training...

12.1 miles for the day which is a decent average to keep shooting for.  Cough is dwindling and not really an issue while running any longer thank God.

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12 (Monday)

January 12 (Monday) - 12 miles on the mill to celebrate the 12th of January.  I didn't have a chance to get to the Mill during lunch because it was snowing all day long and I was watching Tabby while Kristin was out with I sucked it up and ran a little longer than normal on the dreadmill.... eyes on the prize though... As one of my mates said... 'runinsuchawayastogettheprize'....

Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 11 (Sunday) and Weekly Summary

January 11 (Sunday) - I met up w/ Nate Huppe for what was supposed to be a 12-13 mile run in Wakefield but it ended up being just over 10 as I made a mistake with one of the loops.  It was zero degrees out when I met Nate at the Poor People's Pub in Sanbornville, and we headed up for a small loop up 153 before heading out for a longer loop to the east of Lovell Lake.   Most of the loop was on snow covered dirt and paved roads which made things pretty slick.  About a mile of Pond Rd. (right next to the lake) was unplowed as it is not maintained in the winter.  Still a good solid effort on a rolling run in pretty nippy weather.  10.2 miles total.

Afterwards, Nate and I grabbed some breakfast at Linos and then I swung by my parents house to check on things (as they are away for the winter).

Wrap Up - Week of January 5-11:

Solid week for coming back from the sickness. I was still sick most of the week but still managed to just get the miles in.  5th week out of 6 in the 80s, which continues to be the goal.  No long runs though.   My longest jaunt was only 11 miles but I'll still take it.  No need to 'push' things while still recovering.  6 out of 10 runs on the treadmill (mostly because I was sick and it was balls cold outside), so zero elevation for most of the runs this week... but I'm really just wanting to get the miles in and get somewhat quick and fit no need for slamming hill workouts right now.  3 days of doubles.  Good way to ease back into it.

Miles: 80.8
Runs: 10
Longest Run: 11
Climbing: 1916 ft.
Total Time: 9:35

Monday: AM: 6 miles on E.Madison roads (route). Solo. 43:38 (554 ft).  PM: 5 miles on the treadmill.  40:00.
Tuesday: 11 miles on roads in Silver Lake (route).  Solo.  1:12:07 (174 ft).
Wednesday: AM: 8 miles on the treadmill. 60:00.  PM: 6 miles on the treadmill. 40:50.
Thursday: AM: 10 miles on the treadmill. 69:45.  PM: 6 miles on the treadmill.  41:45.
Friday: 8.6 miles on roads in Conway (route) with Kevin Tilton.  1:08:44 (449 ft).
Saturday: 10 miles on the treadmill. 69:30.
Sunday: 10.2 miles on snowy roads in Wakefield, NH (route) with Nate Huppe.  1:09:17 (732 ft).

sunrise over Lovell Lake in Wakefield, NH (cold!)

Nate Huppe and JJ

Looking out over Lake Ivanhoe in East Wakefield (from my parent's front yard)

No tracks...all's quiet.

Heading into my parent's place...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10 (Saturday)

January 10 (Saturday) - 10 miles on the mill around noon.  That was it.  Spent some time outside shoveling and going to the dump, which basically made me just want to stay inside the rest of the day.  Still got a hacking cough but it's definitely getting better.  Only 69 days until Spring.

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 9 (Friday)

January 9 (Friday) - Late day run w/ Kevin in Conway.  From Kennett Jr. High in Conway Village, up the Kanc for a bit and then up Chase Hill past Darby Field Inn and then back down through some neighborhoods and across to Conway Village again.  Headlamp run on snowy/slick roads.  8.6 miles for an easy, 1 run day.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8 (Thursday)

January 8 (Thursday) - I don't think I'm ever going to get better.  Antibiotics runs out tomorrow... I still have the cough from hell.  I'm grateful that I don't have a race this weekend but seriously am not sure if I'm even going to be ready for NEXT weekend.  In the meantime, just doing miles.  10 miles at lunch on the mill in just under 70 min. and then another 6 miles after work on the mill at the same clip.  16 miles for the day.   5 cough drops during the 10 miler and 3 during the 6.  That's one every 2 miles.  Not bad.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 7 (Wednesday)

January 7 (Wednesday) - Still sick. Been dreaming of what it's like not to be.  I almost don't remember.  I have the worst cough I have ever had.  Running through it is horrible, especially when I try to hop on the treadmill and there are others in the room. I feel like an a$$hole.

8 miles at lunch on the mill nice and easy.  The last 20 minutes there was another guy next to me on the other treadmill and I was trying to hold in my coughs. It was miserable.  Then another 6 miles later in the evening before they closed. I basically went there later than usual to make sure I was the only one in there and I was thank God.   14 miles total.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6 (Tuesday)

January 6 (Tuesday) - Still sick as a dog.  I've had a horrendous cough that has been keeping me up at night and preventing me from being able to breathe efficiently while running.  I still forced myself to get out at lunch for 11 miles on the roads in high single digit temps.

Even though we got a decent amount of snow here in the north country, apparently the storm that rolled through a couple days ago was not enough for the trails in Brookfield so the Moose Mountain snowshoe race that was supposed to be this Saturday was postponed until Feb 8 (the day after Horsehill).  Hopefully by then, I'll be better.  But this does give me a little extra time to get healthy and I don't have to worry about hacking through a snowshoe race this weekend after all.

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5 (Monday)

January 5 (Monday) - Haven't been strutting that ass much lately.

I've been sick as balls for over a week now. Was at the doctors finally today and am on antibiotics and some other pill for my congestion and cough.  This is one of the worst 'colds' I've ever had.  Not sure if it was ever (or is) the flu...they didn't check as it was really a hospital visit for my two girls who are both about as sick as it gets.  The doctor treating them actually looked at me afterwards because she knew I was a mess, and she wrote me prescriptions as well, which is awesome.   I missed 3 days out of 7 last week and ran the other days probably against better judgement.  One of those runs outside probably made me sicker.  Good thing it's only January...also my legs feel great...but the rest of me is a mess.  The good news is that due to my condition over the past week, I've dropped down close to my 2008/2009 race weight...

6 miles at lunch today (I'm officially back to work).  Then another 5 miles after work.  Both really easy.  11 total on the day.  Just trying not to be a lump of sh*t.