Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9 (Tuesday)

December 9 (Tuesday) - No morning run or afternoon run as I was busy w/ work.  Had my head down most of the day working on a project... By the evening I decided to head on down to the Mill even though the weather was awful. It snowed all day and the road was a mess.  It didn't accumulate too much by the end because everything turned over to rain, but on the way to the Mill it was a nightmare.  The road was covered in wet snow and it was complete whiteout conditions on the roads.  Going to the Mill isn't easy.  It's up and over E.Madison Rd. which is essentially the highest point in town (road-wise).  The ride up isn't too bad, but it's going down the backside towards the Mill that is treacherous. It took me nearly 20 minutes to get there and it's 4 miles.  When I got there, the building was half blacked out.  Power was up and down.  The workout room was still operational so I jumped on the treadmill for an easy spin.  30 minutes into my run the woman came in to tell me that she had to close in 30 minutes.  So I was only able to get in an easy 8 miles before she closed up.  Not a soul around other than myself so she was keeping it open just for me (which is usually the case anyways).  I'm ok w/ just 8 and a couple of back to back single days to recover from a decent amount of snowshoeing last weekend.

In keeping w/ my current (and pretty much usual) ipod track selection and the given conditions outside...

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