Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7 (Sunday) and Weekly Summary

December 7 (Sunday) - Nice end to end snowshoe run on Bear Notch Rd. Met up w/ Kevin Tilton early and we did a gate-to-gate run from the Kanc side in Albany to the 302 side in Bartlett.  It's a nice up / down / up / down run that is just over 7 miles each way.  It had been tracked by one snowmobile out and back but only about to the 6 mile mark where the trail goes into the Experimental Forest.  The last mile on the way out (down) and the first mile on the way back (up) was near virgin snow, with only a ski track from an XC skiier that helped us break trail.  I felt decent on the way back up the climb, which is a LONG grind (take a look at the elevation profile on the Strava page to get an idea).  The occasional headwind and frigid temps were a little tough to deal with on the way back but it was a beautiful morning in the Whites.  Saw two moose on the way to the run.  14.3 total.

Wrap Up - Week of December 1-7:

Wrapped up a solid week of training despite snowy conditions outside.  I did manage to get outside 4 times and ran inside only 3 times.  Too much treadmill running is bad for my hamstrings so it was nice to break it up a bit.  I did double twice this week indoors so I put up 9 runs in total.  I got 22+ miles on snowshoes this weekend which really beat my body up, but it was great strength building.  I got nearly 10 and a half hours of running in this week, which was a great step in the right direction.

Miles: 81.3
Runs: 9
Longest Run: 14.3
Climbing: 4506 (according to Strava + Garmin data)... not bad for 5 of the 9 runs being on the treadmill where I get zero climb.
Total Time: 10:27:57

Monday: 10.7 miles (paved/muddy/icy dirt roads) (route) solo in Madison - 1:06:37 (803 ft)
Tuesday: 10 miles (treadmill) - 69:40
Wednesday: am: 5 miles (treadmill) - 40:00 / pm: 10 miles (treadmill) - 1:06:40
Thursday: am: 5 miles (treadmill) - 40:00 / pm: 8 miles (treadmill) - 1:00:00
Friday: 10.2 miles (icy paved/dirt roads) (route) solo in Madison - 1:06:08 (646 ft)
Saturday: 8.1 miles (snowshoes) - (route) solo in North Conway.  1:36:56 (1588 ft)
Sunday: 14.3 miles (snowshoes) - (route) with Kevin Tilton in Albany/Bartlett.  2:01:56 (1469 ft)

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