Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 29 (Sunday) - and Weekly Summary

December 29 (Sunday) Met up with KT at Bear Notch Rd. and went for a 17.4 mile slog/shuffle against my better judgement.  I was refusing to believe I was getting sick and tried to forget about it, but by the afternoon I was full on feverish and down for the count.  I had planned on between 8 and 10 easy but didn't want to pass up the opportunity to catch up w/ Kevin as I hadn't run with him in a while..  We hit Bear Notch Rd. for a little bit in microspikes and then hooked a left on 2 1 and Lewis ...I mean hooked a left on the snowmobile trails for what was supposed to be an 'out and back'.  I was a little apprehensive about 20 miles on that kind of terrain (it was slow and soft but not completely awful) with already having done 72 miles for the week.  I figured I'd maybe turn around at 5 or 6 and KT could keep going...but the more I went the more I just figured I'd be fine.  When we got 9 or so miles deep, it was clear that the way back was going to be a nightmare (at least for me).  It was just a little too slow going for my liking right now.  Kevin suggested maybe we hit the Sawyer River Trail and then pop out on the Kanc and run the road back.  I was all for it.  Sawyer River Trail from the snowmobile trail was completely untracked except for a pair of skis.  It was a sh*tshow but not too long thank God.  It was probably 2+ feet deep at least in spots.  We weren't post-holing through all the way, but almost.  It was basically a walk until we got to the river. Then we had to cross it (evidence below).   And then a little bit more from there up to the road.  Good times.  The trip back on the Kanc was just a mess load of 7:30s on the pavement and all sorts of pain and tired.  By the time I got home, I had a feeling that may be my last run of the year...time to rest up and get healthy!

Wrap Up - Week of December 22 - 29:

Solid week and my 4th in a row in the 80s.  Next week for sure is going to be a low week as I am feeling a major cold coming on.  A couple of longish runs of 16 and 17.4 and two 12 not too shabby. Only one double, which is probably not the best way to do it...  Only 2 treadmill I'm behaving in that sense....

Miles: 89.7
Runs: 8
Longest Run: 17.4
Climbing: 4478
Total Time: 11:22:00

Monday: 12 miles on snowshoes at the Mineral Site up to Cathedral Ledge (route) solo.  1:46:17 (1215 ft)
Tuesday: 10 miles on the treadmill. 1:15:00.
Wednesday: am 4 miles easy on the roads in Madison (route) solo.  28:21 (308 ft).  PM: 10 miles on the treadmill. 1:06:40.
Thursday:  8.3 miles on the roads in Conway/Albany (route) with Leslie O'Dell.  57:23 (223 ft)
Friday: 16 miles on the roads in Tamworth (route) with Leslie O'Dell.  1:57:31 (1255 ft)
Saturday: 12 miles on the roads in Madison (route) solo.  1:18:59 (186 ft)
Sunday: 17.4 miles in the snow w/ microspikes and roads (route).  With KT. 2:31:49 (1302 ft)

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