Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22 (Monday)

December 22 (Monday) - Kind of a cold dreary day but got out around noon for a snowshoe at the Mineral Site.  12 miles total.  Went all the way up the forest road to Cathedral Ledge Rd. and then up to Cathedral Ledge.  From 4 miles (where the good section of the forest road apparently stops) to Cathedral Ledge Rd it was really ugly.  That section wasn't tracked out by snowmobiles and no one had been through there.  The first 4 miles were pretty nice as a snowmobile had been through there but from 4 miles to about 5.5 it was pretty slow (and on the way back).  I fell a couple of times during those miles as the snow was so crusty and I was breaking trail and catching the tip of the shoes every once in a while.  The road up to Cathedral Ledge was really solid.  Hung out on the top for maybe 10 minutes then headed back.

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