Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21 (Sunday) - and Weekly Summary

December 21 (Sunday) - 8 miles early in the am on the treadmill to wrap up the week.  Very easy.  Had to get the run in and done with before my daughter's 2nd birthday party and had a lot of things to do before people showed up at the house.  Really nice day w/ all my family and Kris' family at the house.  Some fun sledding in the backyard as well.  Tabby's first time ripping down the hill and she had a blast even thought the snow wasn't that great...

Wrap Up - Week of December 15-21:

Third week in a row in the 80s which is great progress.  I was able to run about what I did last week (plus a mile) including a good long run again on Saturday.  Just getting it done and trying not to get lazy...eyes on the prize and all that crap.  One thing I must do this year is stay the hell away from indoor track.

Miles: 85.2
Runs: 10
Longest Run: 16
Climbing: 6089 (according to Strava + Garmin data)... 3 of the runs were on the mill so it could have been a far better week if I didn't have to take a few of those zero climb days.
Total Time: 9:59:00

Monday: am: 6 miles (roads)(route) - solo in Madison - 38:24 (558 ft) / pm: 8 miles (treadmill) - 60:00
Tuesday: 9.2 miles (roads)(route) - solo in Madison/Tamworth - 1:00:14 (892ft)
Wednesday: am: 8 miles (treadmill) - 60:00 / pm: 6 miles (roads)(route) solo in Madison - 40:07 (558 ft)
Thursday: am: 8 miles (roads)(route) solo in Madison - 53:11 (981 ft) / pm: 6 miles (roads)(route) solo in Madison - 41:17 (367 ft)
Friday: 10 miles (roads)(route) solo in Conway/Albany - 1:01:59 (581 ft)
Saturday: 16 miles (roads)(route) w/ Leslie O'Dell in Madison/Eaton/Freedom/Porter, ME - 2:04:38 (2152 ft)
Sunday: 8 miles (treadmill) - 63:51

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