Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20 (Saturday)

December 20 (Saturday) - 16 miles in Madison, Eaton, Freedom, Porter Maine.  The 'Madison to Maine n' Back' run + the Cushing Corner loop.  Did this w/ Ms. Leslie O'Dell (formerly known as the artist formerly known as Leslie Beckwith).  Plan was just to do it around 8 min pace or so as it is a bruiser of a run.  Over 2100 ft. or so of elevation gain according to Garmin (Google has this inflated to over 3000).  Freezing cold but crystal clear and beautiful morning for a long run.  Surprisingly we somehow averaged around 7:45s or so overall.  We had a dog follow us for about 6 miles (from 5.5 to about 12 miles).  Then he got distracted and we dropped him.

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