Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14 (Sunday) - and Weekly Summary

December 14 (Sunday) - Enjoyed a great day with my girls and my parents came over for a visit.  Late in the day I headed down to the Mill to do an easy 10 miles to wrap up the week.  Ran very easy after talking to Downtown Darin Brown who was just getting off the elliptical.   Then I headed down to the pool for 10 easy laps and then some stretching in the hot tub.  It was the usual zero people in there.... good times.

A bit crowded tonight at the mill....

Wrap Up - Week of December 8 -14:

Two good weeks in a row in the 80s...   This week I was able to grab 84.2 miles on 8 runs including a nice long run on Saturday.  5 sessions on the treadmill weren't that bad when I break them up a bit. I had one double day (I am going to try for at least 2 a week).  I got in the pool/hot tub only once this week.  I think the 70-85 range is a good target for me to aim for each week.  No snowshoeing this week by design.  I am at the point now where I am more interested in getting faster... The snowshoeing and strength-building will come, but right now I'm enjoying getting in some miles where/when I can.

Miles: 84.2
Runs: 8
Longest Run: 18
Climbing: 1945 (according to Strava + Garmin data)... again, like last week, not bad for 5 of the 8 runs being on the treadmill where I get zero climb.
Total Time: 09:45:00

Monday: 9.2 miles (icy roads) (route) with KT - 1:06:43 (325 ft)
Tuesday: 8 miles (treadmill) - 1:00:00
Wednesday: 10 miles (treadmill) - 1:06:40
Thursday: am: 10 miles (treadmill) - 1:09:17 / pm: 9 miles (treadmill) - 1:00:00
Friday: 10.1 miles (icy, snowy roads) (route) solo in Madison - 1:09:48 (781 ft)
Saturday: 18 miles (roads) (route) solo in Madison/Tamworth/Ossipee - 1:52:39 (840 ft)
Sunday: 10 miles (treadmill) - 80:00

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