Friday, December 12, 2014

December 12 (Friday)

December 12 (Friday) - Busy day at work and after the double yesterday I only wanted to get out once today.  I waited until about 5:30 and it was cold, dark, and snowing pretty good by the time I got out the door. I decided to hit the snow covered roads instead of the mill because I just didn't feel like running on the treadmill at all.  It probably had to do with me being there for a couple hours yesterday.  I ran down 113 and up into Tamworth and checked out the Chocorua Meadows neighborhood...very nice houses in there... Roads were wet and snowy but no ice so the footing was decent. I wore some Inov-8 testers with some aggressive outsole lugs so I was covered in case I did hit a slick spot or two.  Not a lot of cars out on the road tonight because of the weather so it was actually an enjoyable run.  It was also good to get some fluctuation in elevation (compared to the treadmill).  10.1 miles easy.

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