Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11 (Thursday)

December 11 (Thursday) - 10 miles on the mill at lunch and then another 9 miles later after work, also on the mill. It was a full on mob scene there.  I have never seen that many people in the workout room at once.  At one point there was 7 people, which has got to exceed the fire code I'm sure.  There isn't even that many things for 7 people to do all at once in there.  To add insult to injury, I forgot my iPod so I was stuck having to listen to other people talk and stand around pretending to be working out.  Not too shabby of a day though. 19 miles total.

I have been working on updating the CMS All Time Performance Lists (starting with the marathon) because they haven't been touched in 4 years and they really should be updated frequently.  It's difficult to try to go back and figure out who has run what over the years and I've pretty much finished updating the marathon to start.   I will post probably tomorrow.  But I also did a fun one....I put together the CMS All Time Performance List for the Mount Washington Road Race.  I linked it up on the CMS Men's Racing Team blog but you can view it here.  I decided to make the cutoff 1:11:00.  So far, there have been 120 times run by CMS men (who were CMS at the time) and 29 different individuals.  I have run the race 7 times (7 years in a row) and have run under 1:11:00 in all 7 but only 5 for CMS (first year was with MVS and 2 years ago with BAA).  Dave Dunham appears on the list 18 times (he ran it for GLRR a number of times but those are not on the list).  Eric Morse is on the list 15 times (and amazingly his slowest time was a 1:08:56!). Dan Verrington has 11 times on the list.

Mt. Washington 2010: L-R: Francis Burdett, Patrick Rich, Dave Dunham, me.

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  1. Nice comeback after the long phone call day! Thanks for updating all the lists! 5-year reunion shot at the summit sign this June?