Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28 (Tuesday)

October 28 (Tuesday) - Holy crap.  What started out as a late afternoon run turned into a bushwhack for the ages.  Kevin met me at my house after work and we decided to hoof it up to the Hocking estate up in highest elevations of Madison.  It is a 800 or so acre plot of land owned by a single family with a few nice homes on a road winding up to the highest point in Madison (Lyman Mountain) at 1558 ft.  We ran up Glines Hill from the Madison side (about 2-2.5 miles from my house, all back roads).  Once up there, we went past the beautiful main stone house and winded our way through some really nice open fields with great views of Mount Washington and all the surrounding peaks.  We ran to the end of the road and it ends at a very rundown abandoned farmhouse.  Through the yard there, was a logging road cut in on the hill and we followed it up as high as we could go before starting a bushwhack.  We should have probably turned around at that point, but we decided to just see if we could get up to the top before it got dark.  We had our headlamps, but still...the footing was rugged.   The entire area and mountain is on private property.  Although it is only posted in spots along the road for no hunting without written permission, it is in current use, meaning foot traffic is ok...however there are no apparent trails that we could see.  For this reason, the peak is pretty remote for a normal walker or hiker to try to find.  We guessed on the way up, as there were a few spots where we could have chosen between 2 or 3 peaks to run up.  We guessed right.  We made it to the summit (Kevin had 1550 ft on his watch for elevation).  But when we got to the top, it was pitch dark unfortunately. It is entirely wooded and also pretty spread out but you could see out through the trees at the top, over a ledge, and out towards the southern part of town and out to Eaton. We definitely need to go back and explore.  There may be another peak to the west that has even more exposed ledges to check out.  You find almost nothing about this area online because it's private.  I always try to respect the land owner's wishes if they post their land but since it's in current use and there were no signs anywhere, we headed on up.  The way down however was a nightmare.  KT decided he wanted to 'whack' down the north side of the mountain and just head in one direction back.  Well, that whack turned into an adventure that kept us out on a 7.6 mile run for an hour and 22 minutes.  We threw in a 15 and 17 minute mile in there DOWNHILL.  With only our headlamps to light the way and deep in the thick of 100s of acres of untouched woods, we ran smack dab into the pond and had to bushwhack around it until we finally hit the road again.  Looking back on it now though...it was just another fun run up here :)

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