Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21 (Tuesday)

October 21 (Tuesday) - Rainy wet mountain run.  From Thompson Rd. in NoCo. up Middle Mtn. Trail to Peaked Mtn. trail to the seemingly seldom travelled Black Cap Connector trail (newly redlined section for me) to the summit of Black Cap and then across and down to the summit of Cranmore before dropping down most of the mountain on some of the access road that this year's race was on and then cutting back across on the single track to the same trails again on the way out.  2374 feet of climbing in the rain and fog.  Not bad. I fell twice and had to tip toe over the summit of Black Cap because it was all wet, slick rock.  Visibility was like 20 feet. 9.6 miles.  Solid run.

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