Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8 (Tuesday)

July 8 (Tuesday) - Whitaker Woods. 3 mile w/up + 5k Trail race + 2 mile cooldown.  8 miles total.  Ran out front the whole time (barely).  Tim Livingston almost caught me at the end. We ran 17:01 / 17:03 respectfully.  If the race was 100 yards longer I would have lost.  I believe Tommy Manning was third (he was still hanging around in NoCo this week), Zac was fourth, and Kevin was fifth (just going easy).  I was rigging up bad at the end and still have some tired legs from Loon.  I think most of my Whitaker runs will be on tired legs... Pemi Loop coming this weekend, so next week's Whitaker will be a nightmare.

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