Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2 (Wednesday)

July 2 (Wednesday) - Beach day again today w/ the fam. It was a HOT one out there....low 90s (Yahoo weather had Madison at 93 degrees at one point).  The water was awesome.  We took Tabby in Silver Lake for a while in her float and I relaxed for a while on the beach after showing her my diving skills off the raft. Then the weather came rolling in.  Thunder and lightning and then pouring rain.  We packed up and headed home just in time.  There was hail, flash flooding, and a pretty impressive lightning display happening all over the middle part of the state. When we got home I pinged Darin Brown who had earlier been interested in a run.  I convinced him to go out with me on the trails. I figured in the pouring rain, the bugs would be a non issue.  Nick joined us and at about 4:45 we hit the trails I swore I wouldn't run on again until summer's end.  It was glorious.  It was 4 miles (out), of mostly standing water.  The downpour was keeping the bugs away and the temps down.  It was a refreshing run.  Nick and I did 8 and then I added on another mile back to get Darin who was in full on bonk mode on the way back.  9 miles total.

...oh and my quads STILL HURT....

My girls...

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