Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11 (Friday)

July 11 (Friday) - should have gone VERY easy or taken a zero (because of the pending Pemi Loop on Saturday) but I decided to head out for a loop with Zac in Madison from the train station.  He pinged me late in the day for a run and I jumped at the chance to have company again...not really thinking of the damage I could do to myself with the young buck on a road/trail loop the day before the Pemi.  We hit up the Chain of Ponds trails from the train station and were running sub 7s in the sandy trails heading north up to Boulder Rd.  Then from there, it was up E. Madison Rd. and back down to the train station.  9.5 miles.  Normally I would have made it an even 10 (as Zac did by adding on after), but with the Pemi tomorrow, I decided to stop immediately when I got back to the car.

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