Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1 (Tuesday)

July 1 (Tuesday) - I opted out of Whitaker Woods tonight for some normal running and to try to rest the legs. I'm not looking for anything special for Loon this weekend other than to be able to go there and help my team medal.  I want to make it to the line in one piece and feeling good.  Right now my quads are shot.  I headed over to Sawyer Pond Trail off of the Kanc to not only soak the legs but to run some trails nice and easy.  It was HOT in the valley today.  I was (to no surprise) the only car at the trailhead.  Since you need to get completely soaked to even start the run, no one uses that trail for anything other than to sit in the river.  I headed out on the trail (after crossing the river which unfortunately wasn't as cold as I was hoping) towards Rob Brook Rd.  Once I hit Rob Brook I turned and decided to run on the forest road rather than continue on the trail up towards Sawyer Pond.  I figured maybe I'd see a moose or four (Kevin and I saw 4 moose and 1 bear on this road a few years back on the same run).  About 3.5 miles in, I got attacked by a grouse.  I'm talking full fledged pecked at. It was going for my junk.  I punched it out of the air.  The thing started rustling in the brush to the side of the road and then it flung out right up in my grill.  After it got it's clock cleaned, it started to come back at me again and it chased me about 20 yards before I turned and started screaming at it.  Finally it went into the bushes and started making all sorts of noise.  I was freaked out. I had never seen this before.  But now that it happened, I was pretty much on edge the rest of the run.  There was so much growth on the side of the trail that it was only a matter of time before it happened again.  A half mile later, it did.  Another one of those little f*ckers jumped out at me again and this time was out for blood. It flew right at my face and I jumped out of the way.  I then started running all out for about 30 yards with it close behind on the ground, running after me.  I bent down, grabbed a handful of rocks from the road and flung them at it.  It got the message and ducked back into the bush.  By this time the bugs were killing me, the temp was high, and it was closing in on noon time.  I hit the 5 mile mark and turned around.  Now I had to go back against these things again. I was ready this time, with another handful of rocks.  When I got back to the spot of the second attack, the thing was waiting for me and jumped me again.  This time, I destroyed it with a spread of rocks.  I wasn't messing around.  It was pissed but it let me pass.  Once out of the way of danger, I scooped up another handful of stones and prepared for round 2 with the first attack of the day (the only one I had been able to physically assault without the use of projectiles).  This one never materialized.  Once I got past that area, I disposed of my ammo and continued on back to the trailhead.  No real issues from this point on. I made it back to the river and soaked for about 15 minutes, only dodging the occasional monster dragonfly attack.  10 miles of trails on a gorgeous day.  No rabies or anything, so that's good.

My hood.

This is my church...this is where I heal my hurts...

I played with Tabby for a while in the afternoon in her kiddie pool and sprayed her with the hose for about 30 minutes straight.  She loves water.

At the end of the day, I hit up the trails in back of my house for an easy 3 miles to try to shake out the poison that is still in my quads.

13 total miles on the day.  Hopefully by Sunday I'll be back to normal.


  1. Holy hell, that sounds like a crazy run. Give those birds hell!

  2. Great post. Eventually, Mother Nature always wins.

  3. Ha...I'm still on edge, even today!!

  4. Hilarious! I do wish that was on video. See you at Loon on Sunday!