Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 (Monday)

June 30 (Monday) - Off. I can barely walk let alone run. I felt 'ok' hobbling around late Sunday in Maine at my brothers, but once I went to sleep on Sunday night and woke up Monday, I felt like I was hit by a truck.  I opted to rest and spend the day with the family doing normal person stuff. Did I mention Tabby loves going outside?  That's all she says now is 'outside' 'outside' and points at the door.  I guess that is better than wanting an iPad or phone all the time.  Kristin took off for a couple hours shopping so I was watching Tabby.  I was sitting in my office for about 10 minutes and realized it was awful quiet.  I wasn't sure what the deal was but I got nervous and jumped up to go look to see what she was up to.  I looked in all the usual spots.  She wasn't around.  Then I walked around to the front hallway.  She had taken one of the cat beds and brought it in there and then curled up inside it and fell asleep....for 2 hours.  It was an instant classic.

at the beginning...

near the end...

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