Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24 (Tuesday)

June 24 (Tuesday) - Whitaker Woods Summer Series again in NoCo.  After last week's 16:55 (and battle with Tim Livingston), I didn't feel like going hard again...especially after Washington this weekend and a 15.5 mile trail run on Sunday and peak bag yesterday.  My legs were a little tired.  But after I warmed up on the course for a couple miles, I saw not only Tim ready to go, but Tristan Williams again, and KT showed up right before the race started.  So now there were the 4 usual suspects + Nick and Darin Brown and some other Kennett H.S. guys there.  It was looking like another fast one.

As the race went out, Tim took it out hard and I latched on behind.  Kevin and Tristan was right behind and I let Tim do most of the work for the first half mile.  Around a half mile in, as we were on our way back towards the homestead, I put in a very subtle surge to see if I could break apart the group.  Tim dropped back just a hair but then rode back up.  I did this again on the long stretch before the first mile mark.  Tim stayed right along side me.  When we went through the mile, he was a step ahead of me on my right.  We went through in 5:23, which is fast for this course.  Last week we were 5:25, so we were actually a little quicker this week and the effort didn't feel too bad.

As I hit the turn onto the grass and cut across to go back into the woods, I surged again.  Tim came along about a step or two behind.  We made our way up to the hill and of course, as usual, Tim blew passed me.  If he's close, he almost always beats me up the hill.  He's really fit right now so he was right with me at the bottom and surged ahead.  I let him go.  He put a huge gap on me on the first climb and then the second small up.  By the third section of the climb, I had snuck back close to him and by the top of the entire climb, I had moved up next to him again.  By the first step over the top, I went by and he told me 'good job' but I wasn't convinced he was done by any means.  I started the downhill section with him a few steps behind.  Usually this is where I pull away.  I tried to stay on the gas during this part but was gassed by the 2 mile mark.  Tim was only a few seconds behind and was staying there.

During the 3rd mile, I was able to pull ahead just a tiny bit but not enough to make me think I could settle down.  I had to keep pushing over the root-filled (but flat) last mile.  I ended up coming through in 16:51.  4 seconds faster than last week.  To my delight (and his), Tim came crashing through in 16:59 for his first ever sub 17 on this version of the course.  He was pumped.  A PR for him and back to back weeks of quick times.  I was pretty pleased with my effort too, all things considered.  It may be the case where a sub 17 effort is in order for most weeks this summer (weather permitting).  I think it will be tough to do the week after Cranmore for sure....and it may be tough to do in the blazing late afternoon heat in July/August, but we'll see.  Effort-wise I don't think there will be any easy weeks this summer with Nick Brown coming back into form and Zach or Isaac showing up (Zach was not there this week).  Either one of those guys can run a lot quicker than I did tonight.  Kevin was 3rd in 17:41 and Tristan was right behind him with a 17:49.

2 mile cooldown over the first mile of the course (one w/ Darin and KT and the other w/ just Darin).  7 miles total with a solid effort on tired legs.

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