Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22 (Sunday)

June 22 (Sunday) - 15.5 miles on the Lower Nanamocomuck ski trail with Kevin Tilton and Eric MacKnight.  We met at 7am (which was rough because I was up all night with Tabby and only got a couple hours of sleep) at the Covered Bridge in Albany off the Kanc.  We headed west on the Nanamocomuck all the way across to Bear Notch Rd.  Then went up a little ways and headed back on a slightly different path for a bit on a higher ski trail before dropping back into the same trail we went out on.  We added a different additional loop on the way back with some good climbing.  In total, over 15 miles of solid single track for the day after a grind at Mount Washington.  Beautiful day out... soaked in the river afterwards under the bridge before heading home.

Overall, 72.8 miles for the week (with one 3 mile day), which is really good for me right now.  33.2 miles over just the weekend alone.  Descent race at Mt. Washington, all things considered.  I will elaborate more when I have time to whip up a race recap and catch up on the racing I've done the last few weeks.  

Huge shout out to Andrew Huebner of Portsmouth, NH who ran a 2:17:05 marathon at Grandmas in Minnesota over the weekend.  That qualifies him for the Olympic Trials in Los Angeles in February (2016).  Big congratulations to Joe Gray who FINALLY got his day in the sun (and clouds) at Mount Washington.  He won a good race over a very fit Eric Blake and Sage Canaday among others.  I was very happy to see him get his win.  He was due after a couple years of 2nd places and a slew of top finishes over the last bunch of years.  Another great run from Justin Freeman at Washington as well. Justin took home the Crossan cup again for NH's top male finisher. I was really pumped to get second place in the team competition with CMS beating out Whirlaway but losing to a very loaded Team Colorado.  It was good catching up w/ all the people at the race this weekend.  It was another great weekend in the valley.  I'll see everyone in another couple weeks!

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