Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18 (Wednesday)

June 18 (Wednesday) - 11.1 miles w/ Downtown Darin Brown. We did the shortened Madison Half Marathon course and went pretty easy, although with 1600 feet of elevation gain, even easy is not that easy.  From my house, up E.Madison to Pound Rd.  Up Pound and across Modock Hill all the way through to Rockhouse Mountain Rd.  Then across Rockhouse Mountain Rd. and down and out into Eaton. Then we ran up Glines Hill Rd (mini-Mt. Washington) and down to Mooney Hill Rd. and back down to E.Madison again.  Google has it at an astounding 2155 ft of elevation gain... My Garmin was much more conservative at I'll go with the lower of the two for now until I get Kevin and his new fancy watch he's constantly talking about, to give me an accurate reading....  

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