Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 17 (Tuesday)

Week 2 of the Whitaker Woods Summer Series put on by the White Mountain Milers.  It was an all star field assembled for week 2.  Tim Livingston was back in action after missing last week due to the awards banquet.  The Browns were all there, as well as a flock of Kennett H.S. distance runners.  Tristan Williams was back after coming in 2nd in the US National Championship 50 Mile Trail race in NY a couple weeks ago.  And Zach was back.  It was panning out to be a quick one, despite the heat.  I warmed up w/ Frank Holmes a couple miles and then did another mile on my own with strides and some running around to loosen up before toeing the line.  The race went out steady but not overwhelmingly fast.  Zach went right to the lead and Tim, Tristan, and I sat close behind.   By about a quarter in, I rolled up along Zach but about a step behind.  We slowly picked up the pace and rolled through the mile in 5:24 with about a 2 second lead on Tim and Tristan.  Just after the mile, I rolled up ahead and found myself in the lead across the field, heading back into the woods.  Zach apparently had a 'late' night and was feeling it.  As I hit the hill, I looked back and saw Zach had been caught by Tim.  I blasted the hill as best I could but was really feeling the heat.  I was able to pull away just a little bit but Tim was pretty close behind through 2 miles.  Over the last mile, I was able to open up just a small gap but in the end, came through in a surprising 16:55 (I never looked at my watch until the very end).  Tim was only 11 seconds back in 17:06, which is only 5 seconds off his PR for the course.  I have run slightly faster a couple of times, but any time I can dip under 17, that's good. Kevin still has the record with a 16-mid run a few years back.  I think if I keep chipping away a little bit and feel better, I can trim this down a bit.  We'll see.  It almost seems like the hotter it is outside, the better Tim and I run.  Tristan came through in 17-mid and Zach was 17:50s.  I hope he continues to have late nights throughout the summer...  3 mile cooldown with Zach (we did the course again in just shy of 22 minutes)... 9 miles total.


  1. Totally snooping to see how Tuesday went. Congrats on the run. You ran your cool down almost as fast as I race. Ha ha. Do you know how the women are doing?

  2. we JOGGED that cooldown .

    I'm not sure about the women to be honest...I immediately finished and started trash talking Tim Livingston, so my focus was elsewhere :(... Julbo Sunglasses to all the age group winners this year...too bad you are Starbuckin' it...