Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16 (Monday)

June 16 (Monday) - 8 miles (solo) from my house, down 113 and 41.  Kept it relatively flat so I could feel better about myself.  200 feet of gain in the 8 miles means it's basically flat as it can be. Kept the tempo up a bit as I'm just trying to feel fast again.  53:13 with a couple of quick miles in there.  Felt like I was working way too hard.  Still congested and I've developed a cough, but my body feels way better.  I'm not as run down and achey as I was the previous week.  Just a lingering headcold now...I can deal with that.  I think I had a mile or two in there today that was faster than my middle miles of MSD 10k this past weekend.

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