Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1 (Sunday)

June 1 (Sunday) - 18.3 miles from Zealand with Sam Wood, Isaac Fithian, Al Bernier, and Tucker.  Headed up Zealand Tr. to the Zealand Falls Hut (up and back to/from the hut).  Then down Ethan Pond Trail and across to Ethan Pond and the Shelter (new trail section for me).  Then up and across the Willey Range Trail as we bagged Mt. Willey, Mt. Field, and Mt. Tom.  Then we headed across the A-Z Trail (also a new section for me) back to the Zealand junction and then back out.  3:27 total running time.  Great day to be out running.  Saw a little snow still lingering on the trail on the Willey Range. 3576 total elevation gain according to my Garmin...seemed like more than that...

Zealand Falls

Ethan Pond Trail

Isaac, Al B., and Sam with Tucker at Ethan Pond

Rt. 302 from Willey

Snow between Willey and Field

Tucker on the A-Z trail...

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