Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9 (Friday)

May 9 (Friday) - Shot over to Gilman Valley Rd. in Ossipee/Tamworth to run some logging roads and snowmobile trails in the Ossipee Mountains.  If you have time, there are some interesting reads regarding this area (which is actually very remote).  One is here (a basic summary and nice list of resources) and the other is where the main action (and drama/controversy) is (here).  In a nutshell, a guy went in there and made a map (and may have done some other things including clearing trail, etc).  He also badmouthed the land owners seemingly right on the map itself.  He was then distributing said map.  The 'land owners' didn't like it and have since banned him from being in there (in seemingly thousands of acres).  His name is actually on the signs as persona non grata.  I am surely oversimplifying what happened, but it's an interesting read if you have the time.  Because I have yet to be banned from the area, I headed up and over the logging roads to the end and then hit the snowmobile trails (including NH Corridor 15) down towards Conner Pond.  I hit up the trail to Bayle Mountain and ran/hiked up to the summit (1853 ft).  It was raining and getting dark so I immediately turned and headed back down. I was nervous about running out of daylight (was without a headlamp).  Visibility was bad because of all the rain and fog.  I botched my watch on the way back so I was missing about a mile at the base of the mountain.  10 miles total in 1:25:22 (including some good climbing!).

On the way out, I saw a baby bear bolt across the trail in front of me which scared the ever lovin' sh*t out of me.  On the way back, I happened to look over (not too far from where I parked my car) and saw a big ole moose watching me across an open area.

This sign neglects to mention sub 8 minute miles are also not permitted in here...

A small amount of ice still on the trail (which is totally bizarre). I ran over it on the way back just to hear the crunch...

Near the summit of Bayle Mtn (there was still a small climb from here).

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