Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30 (Friday)

May 30 (Friday) - Solo lake bang from my house.  Darin wanted to go earlier for his 'junk miles' so I let him go, as I had a late meeting... I got a new test pair of road shoes from Inov-8 to test out...can't disclose much info but they rock.  Bad news is that my blisters are not fully healed and they actually got slightly worse...I should have waited a bit longer before trying to roll a lake bang in new shoes. I love the shoes though...the best road shoe I've seen from them yet... It was kind of a crappy day out and was pouring when I started and rained the whole time.  I had to really back off the last couple miles because of my feet and I actually started out slow...but managed a sub 70 for the 10.4 miles (with the climb up Lead Mine Mountain at the beginning)... 69:15 for the bang.  I'm also starting to lose some of my baby fat that I put on 2 years ago when I had my daughter ;)... that is...until I have dinner tonight...and then dessert....and then I'm back up again.

Side day planned for Sunday morning in the Whites...first real 'long' run of the season (well long for me anyways)...if anyone wants to join, shoot me a message or email.

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