Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 28 (Wednesday)

May 28 (Wednesday) - Met Darin down at the beach for a 10 spot.  I mapped out a flat 10 mile course from the lake over to the Carved in Bark neighborhoods, Silver Pine neighborhoods, and then over to  and around the Windsock Village aviation neighborhood.  It was as flat of a 10 miles as you can ask for around here, which felt awesome (for a change). We started out easy and then just started rolling along (it was Darin's fault that the pace was pushed).  He started bleeding again around 6 miles or so (he tends to bleed out his nose pretty bad when he pushes himself hard on runs) looks badass though.  3 towns (Madison, Tamworth, Ossipee), 10 solid miles.  I got all the town lines.... I felt great. Hamstring was tight but feet felt OK and cardio was great....more of these types of runs is what will finally get me into shape.

64:25 for 10.  Splits:  7:22 / 6:53 / 6:34 / 6:26 / 6:08 / 6:10 / 6:11 / 6:02 / 6:16 / 6:17

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