Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25 (Sunday)

May 25 (Sunday) - A day in which I could barely walk... unfortunately from the Wachusett race through until Monday, I could not put any pressure on my heels.  I was pretty upset on Sunday morning when I got up, thinking somehow that my feet would feel better...they did not.  Darin was going to drive me to Redhook and we were leaving at 8:30am. I got up, taped the hell out of both feet, put some added cushion in my racers, and actually went outside 3 times to see if I could run up and down the street. I could 'move' on the ups, but with a ton of pain. I wasn't sure if I could muster 3.1 miles at some sort of aggressive pace however.  When I turned to go 'down' the street, it was basically a no go.  I tried this 3 different times in 90 minutes.  Finally I texted Darin and had to tell him to go without me.  It sucked.  I really wanted to NOT miss Redhook AGAIN this year.  That is 2 years in a row.  I may have to stop doing Wachusett to be honest...especially after what it did to me this year.  Last year I was a little banged up but decided not to do Redhook just out of not being fit, and that was a huge mistake.  This year I wanted to go and couldn't.  I may have had a shot at 3rd possibly, after looking at the results.  Derek Hamel ended up winning.  He's a very very good runner and would have most likely smoked me given my current '5k fitness' anyways.  He's younger and definitely stronger and fitter than I am by a long shot... But it stings that 15:47 won it this year (don't get me wrong, I would have LOVED at 15:47) and the race had over 2000 people, which would be the biggest 'win' I would have ever had. I won Redhook before, but it was under 2k people.  It would have been cool if I didn't go to Wachusett and instead went to Redhook and somehow pulled off an upset.  I won it 6 LONG years ago...I think my chances now are dwindling away.  Aside from my very first year (in which it was one of my first road races after a very long time off), I have run 5 times between 15:28 and 15:38.  I think my days of running sub 16 are certainly numbered...we'll see.

Just for kicks, here's my history at 'the Hook'...

2014 - registered but didn't run. Really bummed. Was 3rd at Wachusett day before.
2013 - registered but didn't run. Regretted it ever since.  Was 4th at Wachusett day before.  Could have run the Hook...
2012 - 2nd of 2038 - 15:37 - Andrew Huebner won. I ran Wachusett the day before for 3rd (but only 9 seconds out of 1st)
2011 - 2nd of 1886 - 15:28 - Bob Wiles won. I ran Wachusett the day before and WON IT.
2010 - 3rd of 1842 - 15:34 - Bob Wiles and John Mentzer were 1-2. I ran Wachusett the day before for 4th place
2009 - 2nd of 1958 - 15:38 - John Mentzer beat me by 5 seconds.
2008 - 1st of 1898 - 15:32 - battled with Dan Princic and took the lead near 3 miles.
2007 - 7th of 1824 - 16:33 - one of my first real races back running after almost 8 years off.

Moral of the story...I'm getting too old to do this double (or at least attempt it).  I'd rather run Redhook than get 'mountain goat' status.  Also, this year I could miss a race and still get 'Goat' so I should have used Wachusett as the miss....oh well...

I'm not counting the 5 minutes of running I tried to do in the AM. I'm chocking this day up as a zero.

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