Thursday, May 22, 2014

May 22 (Thursday)

May 22 (Thursday) - Rainy day in the valley but I got out after work for a last minute jaunt in the 'flat' trails off of Lead Mine.  On the drive over there, I passed Darin running with one of his dogs...He was heading from his house to the trails. So I parked and waited for him...then I ran into the trails a bit with him and then turned back with him and headed back to the house.  Then from there, I ran up Daniel Ward Rd. (class vi) and up to Goe Hill (also class vi) and then down to the base of Mary's Mountain trail... then circled back up.  About 6 miles in my hamstring tweaked a bit so I decided to bag any attempt at a 10 miler and just ran back down the trail to Lead Mine again.  7.1 miles easy (1:01:57) on the wet trails.

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