Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17 (Saturday)

Spent the day out and about with Kristin, Tabby, and Kristin's parents in and around the Conway area on a gorgeous day.  Was planning on doing a workout with Darin but we missed each other.  I ended up running from the NH Country Store in Tamworth, back to my house via 16 and 113.  It's a hilly up and down run. I added on a little behind my house in the Cascades trail really easy.  6.3 miles in 42:52 (slightly uptempo for the first 4 miles) with a couple under 6 (a-la Joe Navas' Cape Cod miles) on the flatter sections (which are still uphill).  Very easy the last 2 miles in the trails.

Tabby Rose peaking out the side door...

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