Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15 (Thursday)

May 15 (Thursday) - Had to bail on Darin to run later in the day as I had to work on some things before heading out.  Decided to take it easy but go longer than I would have.  I opted to give the 'East Madison Half Marathon' course a go (a fictional race course I would choose if I had to make a race in town).  If I was a race director I could probably safely offer a big big monetary prize for anyone who dips under 1:10 on this course.  First of all, it's slightly long at 13.5 miles. Second of all, there are some ROUGH class vi road sections (the end of Modock Hill and Rock House Mountain Rd, which has 5 huge downed trees that haven't been cleaned up yet).  Third, there is between 1700-2100 feet of climbing (whether you believe Gmaps Pedometer which shows over 2100 or my Garmin at almost 1800).  It almost feels like there is close to 1800 just on Glines Hill alone.  It took me 9:55 for that mile from the base to the top (Madison/Eaton town line) of Glines Hill.  My hip and hamstring was super sore and tight.  I should have opted for a shorter run but I really wanted to do this loop for some reason.   It bothered me right away and was bad at 4 miles...I still stuck with it and didn't bail at many of the opportunities I had in the first half of the course.  Ended up running 1:46:36 for the 13.5, running 'easy'.  Sub 8 pace for this run with all the climbing is pretty solid, especially for almost limping in the last couple miles.  I wonder what I can do on it when I'm really running it...maybe someday.  There is a lot of downhill after mile 11, which makes the end of the run pretty enjoyable.  If anyone out there is reading this and ends up being in the Madison area during the completely snow-less months (all 3 of them) and wants to do a 13-14 miler (or a modified 'shorter' 11.x version of it), let me know!  It's fun.

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