Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 14 (Wednesday)

May 14 (Wednesday) - 9.6 miles with the good doctor over in Ossipee.  Parked off Gilman Valley again and ran up and through to Marble Rd and then back. A lot of good climbing in here (which took it's toll on Darin).  On the way out there is a lot of uphill on the dirt road and snowmobile trails.  On the way back down, there's one big climb and then a lot of downhill.  My hamstring was acting up a little (just sore and tight) on the way back.  It's my left side, which is NEVER a problem, so I know it's just in need of a stretch.  We added on a bit on Marble road and ran into a dog who was coming at us, so we turned early (and ended up shy of 10).  I like this option for a nice traffic-free 10+ (offroad).  It may be impassible in the summer once the bugs are in full swing however.  1:21:35 for the journey.

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