Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6 (Sunday)

April 6 (Sunday) - Worked out in the shed all day building a workbench and organizing the winter mess into a Spring mess.  By the time I finished the project, it was 6pm. My back was killing me.  I still got out for 7 miles easy on the roads. I'm glad I went when I did though...I saw something I've never seen before and I'm not sure I ever will again.  As I was running up E.Madison Rd. near the junction of Granite and Maple Grove, I saw 5 nice white tail deer run about 30 yards in front of me across the street.  They stopped about 20 feet down Granite rd. and turned and stared me down as I went by.  About 400 yards up the road on the other side, stood 7 more...just chillin' and watching me.  When I stopped, they turned and ran into the woods on the other side.  That was cool (so I thought) that I had seen 12 deer in the matter of about a minute or two.  However, that was NOTHING compared to what I saw at the top of E.Madison, in the field just before Goe Hill.  I stopped in awe and at first thought that for some reason there was a ton fake deer standing in the field as they were all staring at me and none were moving.  Then, as I stopped for a moment, one moved.  Then I saw another.  I quickly started counting. 82!  EIGHTY TWO more.  And by the time I had finished, I notice some more in the woods but I could not make them out to accurately count those.  I could not believe how many there were and they were all within 100 yards of me.  Then a couple started to run and the rest got spooked and they all turned almost at once and bolted.  I don't think I've ever seen that many of the same animal like that all together with the exception of maybe birds.... 94 deer in about a half mile span of my run.

In 'running' news, the big item of the day wasn't Bekele's Paris run (where he debuted with a 2:05) no.  It was my course record at the Great Bay Half being challenged but NOT taken down.  It lives another year (as weak as it is).  Northwood NH's Derek Hamel ran seemingly uncontested and won by 3 minutes but missed my CR by 27 seconds.  Whew!  I was kind of hoping Jason Porter was going to show up again this year and finally get his W. :).

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