Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 30 (Wednesday)

April 30 (Wednesday) - More redlining.  This time, 6 miles but in 1:13:10.  Went off trail at the base of the highest point and ended up rock climbing and scaling up across a huge wet mess, only to find out later that I was way off trail. I missed a right (that I think is new) that goes around a disaster of a rock/tree slide down the top of the Old Paugus trail.  I found the right way on the way back down, but it added a ton of time to my journey.  Redlined the upper section of the Old Paugus Trail up to Bee Line, then came back down and finished off the very top of the Big Rock Cave trail.  Then headed back.  Tons of snow on the upper part.  Knee deep in a lot of spots, which made it very slow going.

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