Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29 (Tuesday)

April 29 (Tuesday) - Headed over to do a small section of redlining that has been staring me in the face.  From the Liberty/Brook trailhead parking lot in Tamworth.  Headed up the Bolles Tr. for a small section I hadn't done (parallel to the Bee Line Cutoff) and then hooked a right and headed UP the Bee Line trail towards Chocorua. It comes out right at the junction of the Brook Trail where the uprooted trees are peeled back from a large slab of rock. In all it was 2.8 miles of new trail I got to redline pretty easily, although the route up Bee Line was packed in with a lot of snow up high.  I had to walk in spots as I was punching through, knee deep in spots.  I hit the junction of Bee Line at 6:53pm. I was about .6 from the summit but decided to bag it as it really wasn't in the plan and I didn't think I had enough daylight.  It's a slow .6 because of all the snow and wet slabs.  I did have my headlamp, but I decided to head down the Brook trail instead of going back the way I came (because of all the snow).  The Brook trail was relatively clear of all the snow, but a lot of it is just really rugged and it's my least favorite trail to run on in that area.  I've come down that a few times now and regret it each time.  7.3 miles round trip.  I botched my watch on the way down and lost about 12 minutes of data, but it was a solid run.  Only 7.3 miles but the time on my feet was like a long run.

Starting to see more snow on the trail as I make my way up.

I missed this all winter.

Deep snow in sections.

Junction of Bee Line section I hadn't run previously.

The only 'view' I had...on the way down the Brook Trail

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  1. That's awesome that you still have snow on the trails. I know you must be sick of it but some of my favorite college memories are hiking in the Whites during spring - still finding snow up in the hills.