Saturday, April 26, 2014

April 26 (Saturday)

April 26 (Saturday) - a wet, hilly trail (mud/muck-fest) run w/ Mr. Brown-stone.  Raining.  From his sprawling  palatial estate off Lead Mine Rd. up Daniel Ward Rd. (class VI) up to Goe Hill Rd. and down to Shawtown.  We started to climb up Mary's mountain and just before, Darin had indicated he wasn't feeling well.  Then on the climb, he fell back...then he the ground.  His legs started wobbling and his head went back and his body just started shutting down.  It was very scary.  He got down on the ground and we stopped for a few minutes.  He was seeing flashing lights and lost his senses for a bit.  I was thinking I would have to hoof it out of there and go get the car (which would have taken forever).   But he collected himself and we headed back down and made the decision to run back out Shawtown Rd. to Ossipee Lake Rd. and then dip back into the Freedom town forest and come back on the flat snowmobile trails.  He was able to make it the 8.4 miles round trip (we were going for 10 originally).  He just ended up having an epic bonk at the wrong time.  Finished up in 1:10:25.  Hamstring twinged ever so slightly on the way back. Not a big issue, but I noticed it for the first time in a real damage done.

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