Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2 (Wednesday)

April 2 (Wednesday) - Down in E.Wakefield again helping my Dad get settled again and brought the girls down.  Had a nice dinner w/ the parents and Tabby got to visit w/ the grandparents after not seeing them since December.  Before dinner I decided to venture out for a run on the back roads of  E.Wakefield / Acton ME.  It was treacherous getting in and out from their place on the private road (which was all ice and snow and mud). Once out on the main road, I headed up Acton Ridge Rd. into Acton and then eventually hooked a right down onto the 'H' road for a bit (5 out and 5 back).  I had digestive distress about half way through and then the rest of the time.  I had to stop twice in the woods and sift through thigh-deep snow to settle into an inconspicuous place to do my business... A solid hilly 10 miles in 1:07:46.  944 feet of elevation gain.  Solid run for the effort I put in, the stomach issues, and the course.

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