Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31 (Monday)

March 31 (Monday) - Gave Doc Brown a ride to drop off his car in Albany and then we ran from Albany Service Center up 113 to Colby Hill and then up Colby Hill to Moddock Hill and then up and over past Mooney Hill / Glines Hill to Pound. Up and down Pound and then across Maple Grove and back down E.Madison Rd. + a tad at the end to make 10 miles.  A solid 10 with 1038 ft of elevation gain.  We had a couple of slow miles (Darin hates climbing) but worked the downs and flats.  1:12:36 for the hilly 10.  Lots of very soft mud and dirt roads... good effort for sure.

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  1. Doc Brown wasn't driving a Delorean perchance?