Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30 (Sunday)

March 30 (Sunday) - Very late getting out the door on an awful day weather-wise.  Light snow, sleet, drizzle, and tons of melting snow and mud.  Just really not an outdoors kind of day...but it was relatively warm (not as warm as previous couple days but not bad).  I headed out the door at about 6:10pm and did the Maple Grove loop I did earlier in the week w/ 1000 feet of climbing over an 8 mile loop in the 'neighborhoods' out behind our area.  It's mostly dirt road with the exception of the E.Madison Rd. stretch.  E. Madison Rd. is basically a big pile of broken and cracked concrete right now.  It's looking almost as bad as my old road in Salem...maybe worse.  The town is redoing the entire road this year, so that is great news... hopefully no sinkholes open up.....but that's kind of what it looks like is happening.  I felt ok on the loop but didn't go too hard, especially on the climbs.  I was nowhere close to the time I ran on Tuesday. I finished up in 56:54, which isn't too bad for taking it 'easy' over 1000 ft of climbing on icy and muddy dirt roads.  3 minutes slower than Tuesday but I wasn't trying to go too hard so I'll take it.  I was just trying to get back before dark.

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