Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28 (Friday)

March 28 (Friday) - Just over 7 miles on snowmobile trails late in the day.  It was relatively warm today and the snow was evaporating for the first time in a while...  The trails were in good shape down in Goodwin Town Forest and the Airstrip.  Did it nice and easy with Orocs on.  No need for snowshoes today as the snow was packed thin on top of ice (with plenty of snow still underneath)... Ran out, across the airstrip, then back around in a nice loop + just a little bit on icy Lead Mine rd.  Weather was pleasant and the rain had stopped by the time I got out.  Leg was OK but I was running really slow.  Didn't see one person or sled the whole time.  Heard a couple of snowmobiles when I got back to the car but couldn't make out where they were coming from.

Trail cutting over to the airstrip.  Running water on both sides...

Trail cutting over to the airstrip.  Usually this is flooded by beaver dams in the summer.

Looking south in the first part of the airstrip.

Looking back north, about halfway down the long strip.

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