Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 (Wednesday)

March 26 (Wednesday) - Doc Brown swung by for a spin on the roads of Madison and Silver Lake.  The plan was to do the 11 mile loop up High Street but 4 miles out my hamstring/calf tweaked slightly again. I immediately turned and headed back but didn't stop. It didn't reoccur but I wanted to be safe. My legs are trashed...I feel like I just raced Cranmore this past weekend...holy cow. Completely dead legs... We got back to the house and added on a bit for a solid 9 miles in cold, blustery conditions.  I had 2 pairs of tights on...2 shirts and a jacket.  I have had to avoid black ice continuously over the past two days and the snowbanks are still taller than me.  Today the town plows were going by and plowing back the snowbanks on my road (probably in anticipation of more snow)... What the hell is going on?

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