Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25 (Tuesday)

March 25 (Tuesday) - Headed out the door after work for a small loop but ended up extending it a bit.  Went from my house, up E.Madison Rd and then hooked left on Maple Grove and went up to Pound, up Pound and down and over to Colby Hill and then back down to 113.  A very hilly 8 mile loop (had to extend just past my house to make 8) in 53:46 .  And by hills I mean 1000 ft of elevation gain...not to mention the icy dirt roads for half of it.  Solid effort, all things considered.  I forgot how little I've done hills this winter until this...

Still, coming home all banged up and sore, I get to smile as I'm greeted by this little one each time...I never thought someone could be so excited to see me and come running every time I open the door!

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