Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17 (Monday)

March 17 (Monday) - After being sick for about a week (still actually sick) I got back to the mill for 10 miles in 75 min on the mill...nice and easy.  Then 10 laps in the pool and some hot tub time machine afterwards... A few rest days made the legs feel better but my stomach was still a mess.  Stomach flu since last week.  Was laid up all weekend, most of it spent in one of three bathrooms.

Looks like CMS has got a solid roster for 'the hill' in June. The lotto is finalized (less a few who will get in last minute via bypass, etc).  Familiar names like 'Dunham, Tilton, Krause, Burdett, Callaghan, M.Quintal, McCarron, T.Mahoney, Brake, Tighe, Van Orden, Wood, etc. are all on the list... I'm getting excited. I hope to be ready by then!

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