Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31 (Monday)

March 31 (Monday) - Gave Doc Brown a ride to drop off his car in Albany and then we ran from Albany Service Center up 113 to Colby Hill and then up Colby Hill to Moddock Hill and then up and over past Mooney Hill / Glines Hill to Pound. Up and down Pound and then across Maple Grove and back down E.Madison Rd. + a tad at the end to make 10 miles.  A solid 10 with 1038 ft of elevation gain.  We had a couple of slow miles (Darin hates climbing) but worked the downs and flats.  1:12:36 for the hilly 10.  Lots of very soft mud and dirt roads... good effort for sure.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30 (Sunday)

March 30 (Sunday) - Very late getting out the door on an awful day weather-wise.  Light snow, sleet, drizzle, and tons of melting snow and mud.  Just really not an outdoors kind of day...but it was relatively warm (not as warm as previous couple days but not bad).  I headed out the door at about 6:10pm and did the Maple Grove loop I did earlier in the week w/ 1000 feet of climbing over an 8 mile loop in the 'neighborhoods' out behind our area.  It's mostly dirt road with the exception of the E.Madison Rd. stretch.  E. Madison Rd. is basically a big pile of broken and cracked concrete right now.  It's looking almost as bad as my old road in Salem...maybe worse.  The town is redoing the entire road this year, so that is great news... hopefully no sinkholes open up.....but that's kind of what it looks like is happening.  I felt ok on the loop but didn't go too hard, especially on the climbs.  I was nowhere close to the time I ran on Tuesday. I finished up in 56:54, which isn't too bad for taking it 'easy' over 1000 ft of climbing on icy and muddy dirt roads.  3 minutes slower than Tuesday but I wasn't trying to go too hard so I'll take it.  I was just trying to get back before dark.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29 (Saturday)

March 29 (Saturday) - Met up with Kevin Tilton and Peter Haine in the parking lot of UNH Trail / Downes Brook Trail off the Kanc.   I'd already done this loop before with Kevin in April of 2012.  I've done most of the trails in this section already (my heaviest travelled section of the AMC guide for sure) but it was great to get out again and get some climbing in (and some fun descending) on the snowshoes.

The plan was to do the 5 mile loop up to Al Bernier's ledge and then East Ledges and up and over Hedgehog Mtn. and back down.  A pretty tame, short loop, but it's got some good views of Passaconaway and the surrounding area.  The weather was also amazing (nice and warm) but that made the footing pretty soft.  We were constantly crashing through and wiping out (even on the snowshoes).  I had 70 minutes for the 5 miles (stopping the watch).  I think Kevin had about 90 minutes including the stops, on his watch.  It's a great loop for something short and moderately challenging.  Photos below by KT. Video with my GoPro.

Pete and I with Passaconaway in the distance...

Trying to stay on my feet...

Rollin' across the top...

'Stepping in Pete's hole'...

Kevin and I (I outweigh him by 30 lbs now I think)...

Pete and I on the way up...

Rolling across the top ledges...

Pete and I heading down...

Pete on the ascent...

The Ascent:

The Descent: (Good wipeouts at 1:15, 3:45, 6:35, 8:00, 11:05, 12:15, and some others spread out through...)

Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28 (Friday)

March 28 (Friday) - Just over 7 miles on snowmobile trails late in the day.  It was relatively warm today and the snow was evaporating for the first time in a while...  The trails were in good shape down in Goodwin Town Forest and the Airstrip.  Did it nice and easy with Orocs on.  No need for snowshoes today as the snow was packed thin on top of ice (with plenty of snow still underneath)... Ran out, across the airstrip, then back around in a nice loop + just a little bit on icy Lead Mine rd.  Weather was pleasant and the rain had stopped by the time I got out.  Leg was OK but I was running really slow.  Didn't see one person or sled the whole time.  Heard a couple of snowmobiles when I got back to the car but couldn't make out where they were coming from.

Trail cutting over to the airstrip.  Running water on both sides...

Trail cutting over to the airstrip.  Usually this is flooded by beaver dams in the summer.

Looking south in the first part of the airstrip.

Looking back north, about halfway down the long strip.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27 (Thursday)

March 27 (Thursday) - Off.  Hamstring/calf was sore and I decided to try to ice, stretch, and rest it rather than chase meaningless slow miles.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 (Wednesday)

March 26 (Wednesday) - Doc Brown swung by for a spin on the roads of Madison and Silver Lake.  The plan was to do the 11 mile loop up High Street but 4 miles out my hamstring/calf tweaked slightly again. I immediately turned and headed back but didn't stop. It didn't reoccur but I wanted to be safe. My legs are trashed...I feel like I just raced Cranmore this past weekend...holy cow. Completely dead legs... We got back to the house and added on a bit for a solid 9 miles in cold, blustery conditions.  I had 2 pairs of tights on...2 shirts and a jacket.  I have had to avoid black ice continuously over the past two days and the snowbanks are still taller than me.  Today the town plows were going by and plowing back the snowbanks on my road (probably in anticipation of more snow)... What the hell is going on?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25 (Tuesday)

March 25 (Tuesday) - Headed out the door after work for a small loop but ended up extending it a bit.  Went from my house, up E.Madison Rd and then hooked left on Maple Grove and went up to Pound, up Pound and down and over to Colby Hill and then back down to 113.  A very hilly 8 mile loop (had to extend just past my house to make 8) in 53:46 .  And by hills I mean 1000 ft of elevation gain...not to mention the icy dirt roads for half of it.  Solid effort, all things considered.  I forgot how little I've done hills this winter until this...

Still, coming home all banged up and sore, I get to smile as I'm greeted by this little one each time...I never thought someone could be so excited to see me and come running every time I open the door!

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24 (Monday)

March 24 (Monday) - Very sore from the weekend.  Just shy of 23 miles on snowshoes total between the two days really beat up the legs.  I worked late and then headed down to the mill for just an easy 5 miles in 45 minutes and called it an evening.  Everything was just very sore.  No real issues other than I felt like I raced. I got to get back into shape!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23 (Sunday)

March 23 (Sunday) - Ran with Wood....Sam Wood.  12 miles on the normal Madison snowmobile loop (snowshoes).  My second 'long' snowshoe in two days... that's about all we can do at this point.... There is a horrific amount of snow for this time of year, when all I want is clear trails...but the snowmobile trails are in amazing shape so it was good to get out and show Sam the loop. Tucker joined us... About 1:49:00 for the 12 miles, which isn't bad for snowshoes on a rolling/hilly loop.  I was definitely trashed afterwards though.  Good catching up w/ Sam and talking about training, racing, snowshoeing, hiking, etc.

Sam and Tucker on Trout Pond in Freedom.

Looking out towards Washington (cloud covered)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 22 (Saturday)

March 22 (Saturday) - Out and back on Corridor 19 in Madison.  Started at Silver Lake RR and headed straight up the spine of Madison on the tracks...through Chain of Ponds and all the way to Colemans before turning back.  Lots of traffic on the trails which was no surprise (being Saturday and having a TON of new snow)...  Leg felt ok after the massage and rest day.  10.4 miles total (1:27:34).

Friday, March 21, 2014

March 21 (Friday)

March 21 (Friday) - No run. I went and got a massage instead and rested the leg.  Felt great getting the body work done again.  Also picked up a foam roller...let the good times roll... pun intended...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20 (Thursday)

March 20 (Thursday) - a LONG 6.4 miles on snowshoes from Staples in NoCo.  Across North South Rd. and along Corridor 19 trails.  Felt pretty obvious issues w/ the calf...been working it quite a bit.  Slow going but the trail was groomed so it was in good shape considering the amount of snow we got overnight...WOW.

Looking down towards Staples and East towards the Moats

The infamous NH Corridor 19... in North Conway

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19 (Wednesday)

March 19 (Wednesday) - 6 miles on the roads with Darin Brown.  Out and back (before the storm) from my house to the boulder and back.  Calf ok until right near my house...slight tweak.  Scheduled an appt. for a massage for end of the week...that's all I think I need.  That and to be 3 years younger...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18 (Tuesday)

March 18 (Tuesday) - Felt good after Monday's 10. Went to hop on the mill at lunch time and figured I'd get an extra 5 in then, and hit up 10 later on after work.  Just at 5 miles (literally 20 seconds to go), my calf cramped up (up high).  I got right off.  Bagged the night run.  I was pretty bummed about it.  Need to just get worked on.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17 (Monday)

March 17 (Monday) - After being sick for about a week (still actually sick) I got back to the mill for 10 miles in 75 min on the mill...nice and easy.  Then 10 laps in the pool and some hot tub time machine afterwards... A few rest days made the legs feel better but my stomach was still a mess.  Stomach flu since last week.  Was laid up all weekend, most of it spent in one of three bathrooms.

Looks like CMS has got a solid roster for 'the hill' in June. The lotto is finalized (less a few who will get in last minute via bypass, etc).  Familiar names like 'Dunham, Tilton, Krause, Burdett, Callaghan, M.Quintal, McCarron, T.Mahoney, Brake, Tighe, Van Orden, Wood, etc. are all on the list... I'm getting excited. I hope to be ready by then!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8 (Saturday) - Granite State Snowshoe Championships

Top 3 from the NH State Championship - Tivo, JJ, Nacho - Photo courtesy of Joe Viger

March 8 (Saturday) - It was time for the 2014 Granite State Snowshoe Championships down in Allenstown, NH.  I have been nursing a pulled/aggravated calf and hamstring on my right side.  I had been running since Nationals last week, albeit not much each day... trying to recover.  Friday afternoon I had met Kevin at the Jr. High for a run on the snowmobile trails heading towards the mineral site.  My calf went on me about 5.5 into the 6 mile run.  It was a real bummer.  So heading into the race on Saturday, I was really skeptical about my ability to even finish the race. I wanted to go however, as they do the awards for the overall Granite State Snowshoe Series after the final race.  So I headed down in the a.m. (90 minute drive) to Allenstown, NH and Bear Brook State Park.   I had won last years Granite State Snowshoe Championship 10K down at Bear Brook as well, but this year the course was different (and started/finished in a different spot).  It was still (advertised as) a "10K" but as we would find out later, that was a bit on the conservative side.  The snow cover was still good despite having seemingly half the amount of snow that we had up here in the valley.

After registering and talking to some folks, I started to get ready to go out for a warmup w/ DD when I inadvertently locked my keys in the car.   Frantically I started to think about busting out the window to get my gear, bib, etc.  All I had on was my warmups... my snowshoes, racing shoes, racing clothes, bib, etc. were all sitting snuggly now behind locked doors.  Bill Morse and Jim Pawlicki and others tried to talk me about of busting the window and they mentioned they could call AAA for me after the race.  People started offering me shoes and gear to wear and Jim went over and got me another number to use.  I was still tempted to bust out the window, rather than race with other peoples shoes and gear on, and then have to wait potentially hours AFTER the race to get a tow truck out there.  I decided to walk over to the table to get a hammer or one of the sweet axes they had as prizes, and go back and break the window.  As I walked past the registration table, Karen Dunn reminded me that Scott Mason was a locksmith.  I figured it was worth a shot, so I jogged down to his car and asked him to have a peek at the situation.  Scott immediately whipped out a slim jim and walked over to my car to take a look.  About 2 minutes later I was in my car.  Somewhere after that 5 minutes between I asked Scott to get into my car and when I was on my way, he somehow was unable to get out into his desired location on the course to get his action shots (video of the mysterious circumstances of how he missed flagging and didn't have ample time to get into shooting position).  I will say that after he let me in, I had plenty of time to do a warmup of 2 entire (slow) miles with Tim VanOrden out on the roads, get back to my car and change into racing clothes, shoes, and get my snowshoes on.  Then I had more time to do some strides, relieve myself in the woods, and then get over to the start to hear all the pre-race instructions.  Meanwhile, somewhere, somehow Scott was wondering around apparently lost and unable to follow Ryan's excessive flagging that was all over the course. ;)

As the race went off, I immediately calmed down and had my hamstring/calf on my I did not get out to my usual faster start.  I settled down and took it generally easy for the first little spin around the field before the course went off into the woods.  The course was a mixture of single track and wide access road and snowmobile trails.  It had ample areas to pass, get into position, etc.  Nacho Hernando (8th overall at Nationals last weekend) shot out to an early (big) lead.  He pulled away from me so quick and so early, almost immediately I decided I was running for 2nd place.

At some point around 2 miles or so, the mixture of snowmobile trail and single track (which was packed down pretty good) seemed to slow Nacho down a little and I started to gain on him a bit on a long uphill stretch on snowmobile trail.  The previous few ups and downs was aggravating my calf.  I felt it popping and some pain during the downhills.  The uphills were a non-issue.  I started gaining on him very slightly on the uphill.  When the course would flatten or drop a little, he would pull away again.  But I would gain slightly again on the ups.  At 2.5 miles, I had all of the sudden caught right up to him.  I decided to just keep pushing, so I went right around him on the double-wide trail.  He immediately tucked in behind me, adjusted his pace, and started running on my heels.  I figured I would drop him because of the way I caught him over the course of a half mile... but he adjusted his pace and upped the tempo to stay right with me.

The course immediately took a sharp left into single track.  He was right on my tail, with no daylight and I could just about feel his breath on my neck.  The single track was very windy and up and down continuously.  He stayed right on my heels.  On the downhills I was holding back as to not blow out my calf.  He had to hold back as well as to not crash into me.  I felt like I was slowing him down the whole time, but he didn't want to pass.  This continued for 2 miles.  He shadowed me, which made me want to push extra hard on the small ups and downs.  He killed me on this type of stuff last week so I was shocked he was still behind me this late in the race.  There were a couple of spots that had passing lanes tracked out in the snow.  I figured for sure he'd blow past me on one of those but he remained behind me, just lurking. I continued to push, thinking that maybe on the flats and ups I could eventually lose him...

Photo courtesy of Richie Blake
At about 4.5 miles the course crosses over a snowmobile trail and goes from single track right back into single track across the trail.  Right after this, the last big climb started.  As I got to the climb I noticed almost immediately that Nacho had fallen back a little bit, for the first time. By the time I got halfway up the steep, rocky climb, I turned again and I couldn't even see him anymore.  I continued to push up and got up and over the summit.  I took one brief, inadvertent detour at the top (Nacho did too) but quickly found the trail again and started the descent, with the win now actually in the back of my mind. I continued to think that he'd be within striking distance again if he outran me on the downhills.  But the more the downhill passed, the more confident I grew that I'd maybe be able to steal one.  Eventually I hit the bottom and then hopped back out on the initial groomed trail that led back to the start/finish area.  6.1 came and went on my watch.  In the end I came through with the win and 6.39 on the Garmin, which usually is short on single track in the woods like that.  So it could have been closer to 6.5 after talking with Ryan (who seemed to know exactly how long the course was AFTER the race ;) )... Nacho came in a couple minutes back and it was obvious he had calf issues.  His calves had seized up on him on that climb.  He's raced a lot in the last few weeks and it was bound to catch up w/ him.  He's a great competitor and he fought hard in the middle of the race when a lot of guys would probably just let someone go.

After the race, Nacho and I joined Danny Ferreira for a 2 mile cooldown on the roads (in which I bonked hard on the way back).  10.5 miles for the day, no broken windows, no pulled hamstring or calf, a series win, and an unexpected individual race win against some good competition.  I'll take it.

Garmin Data

Top 10 Overall + CMS in Blue.  Full Results Here.

1Jim Johnson36MadisonNH00:48:2800:07:48Central Mass Striders
2Nacho Hernando20ConcordNH00:50:5100:08:11Sweetie Pies
3Tim Van Orden45BenningtonVT00:52:5800:08:32Central Mass Striders
4Dave Dunham49BradfordMA00:53:1700:08:35Central Mass Striders
5James Pawlicki39LynnMA00:53:2900:08:37Central Mass Striders
6Ryan Welts33northwoodNH00:54:1300:08:44acidotic RACING
7Danny Ferreira31ConcordNH00:56:4800:09:09Gate City Striders
8Phil Erwin46Wading RiverNY00:57:4100:09:17acidotic RACING
9Kenneth Wiley31ClaremontNH00:58:4500:09:28acidotic RACING
10Marek Telus38hopkintonNH00:59:0500:09:31acidotic RACING

80 Total Finishers.

After the race, the award ceremony for both the race and the series was held, with myself, Dave Dunham, and Ryan Welts getting the top 3 overall spots in the Granite State Snowshoe Series, and myself, Nacho, and Tivo getting the top 3 spots in the championship race.  For the series win, we got some sweet custom NH snowshoe medals and for the race win, I got a nice axe (which can be seen in the photo at the top).

Ryan Welts, JJ, DD - Top 3 in the 2014 Granite State Snowshoe Series


Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1 (Saturday) - 2014 US National Snowshoe Championships

March 1 (Saturday) - Up at 5am.  On the road by 5:30 and heading southwest down to VT for the 2014 US Snowshoe National Championships put on by my friend and teammate Tim VanOrden.  Tim was putting the race on in his backyard basically...Prospect Mountain in Woodford/Bennington, VT.  Despite dealing with a bad hamstring/calf combination for the past week and a half, I didn't want to miss out on a chance to drive down to a 'local' Nationals.  The journey down there was about 3 and a half hours with a few pit stops along the way.  I did have to frantically swerve around a tempo'ing Nate Jenkins just down the road from the Prospect Mountain parking lot.  I arrived into Woodford about an hour before the women's race and had plenty of time to register.  The snow looked amazing and the temps were cold but not uncomfortable (it was actually nice in the sun).  I saw a bunch of the usual suspects around the registration area and it was shaping up to be a great turnout.  I headed inside the lodge to get warm, stretch, and stick out the calf and hamstring.

CMS looked to be well represented and we all headed out for a couple miles on snowshoes over the course.  The course was apparently much faster than it was a couple weeks prior, where everyone was breaking trail.  The groomed sections (groomed for XC skiing) and single track were nice and solid now.  The conditions seemed 'fast' despite the course having a good amount of climbing.  After the warmup and switching over to some racing clothes (I rocked a throwback CMS Polar singlet) we were off.

The start was far more controlled than it had been in the past and I wasn't too far back at first.  If my leg wasn't so bad, I would have pushed it up the front with Nacho Hernando (Spain) and Nick Wheeler (BAA) who got out to a great start.  Mentally I wanted to go (which I guess is a plus)...Physically I couldn't.  But I sat back and just hoped I could get through the race without a severe cramp/spasm.  About 1 minute in (during the small loop near the start/finish area) it cramped up on me.  Almost right away...  I thought immediately about having to drop and drive home another 3.5 hours with a DNF and barely any of the race run.  The last time I had tried to race in VT was Ascutney and I knew all too well how that felt on the drive home....  It was disheartening.  I dropped the pace down a bit and as we climbed up past the finish area and headed across and up the mountain (after an initially tame first quarter mile or so), I had a pretty good idea I wouldn't be able to make it.

As we climbed up the beginning of what seemed like 3-4k of climbing, my confidence in my calf holding up got a little better the more I climbed.  It wasn't tweaking anymore like it does at the start (seemingly the first couple minutes have been the worst).  I continued to fall back a bit but so did a few others. Only a couple of guys passed me and I would pass one or two back.  But after maybe 3k, it was pretty much the order of where we would finish (give or take a couple guys).  The climb on the wider ski trail was not too steep and was still actually in my wheelhouse, but my fitness was starting to come into question.  Since November I have done nothing but essentially flat treadmill runs just to get back into running again and build up a base.  Most of the 'races' I've done since have been relatively flat with only moderate climbs.  The climbing here was sustained over nearly a couple miles and it wore me down.  I got slower and slower on the climb.  Amazingly I wasn't losing any ground on anyone immediately up front (other than probably the first few guys), but back behind me, Kevin Tilton (CMS) was slowly making his way through the field and was catching me (not to my surprise).  I felt completely flat and almost like I was jogging, about half way up.  It was really bumming me out that I wasn't fit enough to handle the climb.  The course was absolutely perfect...the conditions were amazing....the weather was perfect....the scenery was beautiful....the field wasn't super deep up front...and I was just not in shape for the race.  Kevin passed me right near the top.  I told him as he went by, that the few guys who we could still see up ahead, 'meant the team'...meaning that if he continued to go after it and get those guys, he could crack top 5-6 US.  I knew there were a couple Canadians up front and Nacho, so that was 3 international right here that we could take out of the US field for the National team.  I was excited he was running so well and that trumped my feelings just a bit for my own race.  He immediately said back to me 'this is the top...lets go'.  I looked up and noticed the summit building so I knew maybe I was still in it...but as we rounded the top and started descending a bit on single track (very twisty single track), I started to drop back. I wasn't running my usual race and was gassed.  I was also very aware that my hamstring and calf do not like bombing downhills when I am in this state, and twisty turns like that tend to tweak it even worse.   I was actually more weary of the downhill than the uphill at this point, and with half the race now over I didn't want to have to drop out now, on seemingly the easiest part!

As we descended Kevin was battling with a guy who was right on his heels (that had passed me right after the summit).  I kept them both in sight.  The beginning of the descent was deceiving because there were a couple of small ups to still come before the real downhill started.  Most of this was single track where the snow was deep but the rail we were racing on was just wide enough to be runnable.  I was SLOW here.  Not my typical self.  Kevin and that other runner pulled away slightly but I was still in striking distance.  The 2011 Jim Johnson would have not let this get away... The 2014 Jim Johnson is a little better off I think than the 2012/2013....but I was running on fumes from no fitness for the climbing.  I was starting to glance over my shoulder to make sure I didn't lose another spot.  I couldn't see anyone but everyone was catching me and I knew it.  At one point, just up ahead of me, in a small passing lane section, the guy who was sitting behind Kevin, blew passed him in a very decisive move.  It looked like he went from a stand to a sprint as he took off.  Kevin for the moment looked to be coming back.  I pushed a little more through a very cool section of thick wooded single track and for a few moments actually thought I was going to catch Kevin.  But as soon as it dumped out onto the ski trail, he took off.  That was the race right there.  I ran relatively hard on the way down but was holding back because of my calf. I wanted to finish at this point.  It was 7 or 8 K in and I wasn't going to drop now.  Kevin started to pull away slowly and looked like he was running hard.  I had counted about 10-11 seconds behind him in the single track (which isn't that much in that section of course)...but then on the downhill ski trail, he put another 10-12 seconds on me, which is A LOT on that section.

Somewhere around 8.5K or so, two guys appeared in my rearview.  It was all starting to fall apart seemingly for me.  I thought I could finish right behind Kevin in the standings but now realized that there would be splitting happening and I would start to lose spots late in the race.  A quick glance and I saw two.  About 2 min. later (not even) one of them whizzed by me and looked to absolutely be gunning for Kevin.  I figured that he would catch him and that maybe I'd still finish right behind Kevin.  But as the last sections of the course started to play out, it looked like Kevin was going to hold him off.  The second of the two guys who was lingering behind me still, hadn't put on that big of a move and was still behind me.  I just beat him to the last single track switchback section that meandered down the face of the mountain, within view of the finish line.  He was a few ticks back.  I had no delusions about being able to hold him off at that point.  I just figured he wouldn't be able to pass me in this section, but the small loop down by the finish would be where I'd lose my last spot.

Photo by Joe Viger

Photo by Joe Viger

As I came down to the last loop around the start/finish area (on groomed ski trail) I looked one more time and saw I still had about 3-4 seconds on the guy who was charging.  I put in one last push and decided to fight for that spot rather than mail it in.  I was able to hold him off for the seemingly one small bit of 'racing' I did the whole day.  In the end, I finished 14th overall and 11th for the US field (with 3 international guys finishing in front of me).  I was 23 seconds behind Kevin and came in for the 10K distance in 46:47.  At Nationals in Syracuse, NY in 2010 I was also 14th overall (but 14th for US, as there was no international race) and in 2011 I was 8th overall (8th US) in Wisconsin.  So technically I finished better this time around than I did in my first Nationals.  So it wasn't a complete disaster for sure, but I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't ready for this race and that I wasn't 100% as far as my leg went.  I had taken essentially all week off (with only 14 miles run over 3 days) to try to rest the leg for this race.  In the end though, I am really glad I was able to get through it. It was a fantastic course and a very memorable experience.  It felt like a 'mountain race' in every sense.  Up and then back down.  Wisconsin was on a golf course and Syracuse was basically just some trails in the woods.  Both were good events, but this year's course really was my favorite for sure.

Photo by Joe Viger

Photo by Joe Viger

Top 30 Overall + CMS in BLUE (Full Results Here)

10:41:516:44David Le Porho37CanadaTeam Snowshoe
20:42:066:47Joel Bourgeois43Canadale coureur nordique
30:42:206:49Eric Hartmark36DuluthMNTeam Snowshoe
40:42:376:52Scott Gall39Cedar FallsIARunablaze
50:44:107:07Nicholas Wheeler28PortlandMEBoston Athletic Assoc
60:44:307:10Mike Galoob40Peace DaleRIDion Men
70:44:317:10Jeffrey Quednow23WestboroWIMidwest Vortex Victors
80:44:407:12Nacho Hernandez20Spain
90:45:297:20Daniel Craighead24State CollegePADion/South Hill Distance Pro
100:45:417:22Kelly Mortenson43St PaulMNTeam Snowshoe
110:46:037:25Jacob Malcomb27CantonNYCock-a-Doodle-Shoers
120:46:247:29Kevin Tilton32North ConwayNHCentral Mass Striders-Dion
130:46:267:29Nick Scalfone29Mountain ViewCADion/South Hill Distance Pro
140:46:477:32Jim Johnson37MadisonNHCentral Mass Striders-Dion
150:46:517:33Jimmy Gobeil37Canadale coureur nordique
160:47:137:36Ross Krause35EasthamptonMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
170:47:167:37Eric Sambolec37IthacaNYDion/South Hill Distance Pro
180:47:387:40Cole Crosby26CortlandNYacidotic RACING O1
190:47:487:42Jeremy Drowne37West ChazyNYCock-a-Doodle-Shoers
200:47:577:43James Pawlicki40LynnMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
210:48:197:47Dave Dunham50BradfordMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
220:48:217:47Chad Carr39CambridgeMACambridge Running Club
230:48:317:49Matthew Medeiros29SaranacNYCock-a-Doodle-Shoers
240:48:327:49Tim Mahoney35HolyokeMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
250:48:327:49Ethan Nedeau41LeverettMAacidotic RACING MM1
260:48:487:52Jaime Julia30Puerto RicoAlbany Running Exchange
270:48:587:53Robert Jackman32WarwickRITuesday Night Turtles
280:49:067:54Ben Nephew39MansfieldMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
290:49:087:55Tyler Murray24Le RoyNYDion/South Hill Distance Pro
300:49:097:55Todd Callaghan45BeverlyMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
310:49:117:55Richard Bolt44Mountain ViewCACentral Mass Striders-Dion
350:50:528:12Kenneth Tripp44AmesburyMACentral Mass Striders-Dion
540:54:208:45Paul Bazanchuk60Center ConwayNHCentral Mass Striders-Dion
630:55:168:54Sam Wood28LaconiaNHCentral Mass Striders-Dion
1261:03:4010:15David Lapierre50ChelmsfordMACentral Mass Striders-Dion

213 Total Finishers (Senior Men's Race)

L-R: Rich Bolt, Jim Pawlicki, Kevin Tilton, Ben Nephew, Dave Dunham, Ken Tripp, JJ, Ross Krause, Tim Mahoney

After the race, I opted out of a cooldown as my hamstring and calf got very stiff and my back was tightening up.  I went in and changed clothes, got warm, and tried to stretch a bit.  I then made a decision to stick around for another 2 hours for the award ceremony.  I ended up winning my age group (after the top 5 runners and international athletes get displaced).  The 35-39 age group was stout. It was actually more competitive than the 30-34 as a whole.   We also got the bronze medal (CMS-Dion) for the team competition which was just top 3 scorers for each team.  The scorers were Kevin, myself, and Ross Krause, who was right behind me.

35-39 Age Group medalists (with Ross and myself)

First and third place teams (with Ross and I on the right ...missing is Kevin Tilton)

Then it was off for the 3.5 hour ride home...a stop for gas (again) and a stop for some coffee put me back in East Madison at around 8:15pm.  It was a long day but definitely worth it.

Here's some men's race footage from Jim Hansen: