Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7 (Friday)

February 7 (Friday) - Got to the mill nice and early but it cost me. About 35 minutes I had to wait for the treadmill. I stretched and then just sat there and stared at the TV until the person got off from their jog.  I hate sounding like a jerk, but there is another treadmill next to it for walking and jogging.  I now refuse to get on that one as it stops and errors out with a 'motor overload' message when you go too hard on it....very dangerous.  I watched a kid show me how that was done the other day and it proves what Darin Brown said about it. I will never use that one again. So I just waited for the good one to free up.  Then I got on it and sulked for 75 minutes. 10 miles.

Inov-8 2014 Team officially announced here.  Looking forward to this year and honored to be part of the team again.

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